Golf Swing Sequencing – The Key To More Power

If you want to hit longer golf drives then you’ll want to read this to find out one key move that will help you to hit longer drives.

It’s a little known fact among amateur golfers that if a golfer wants to hit the golf ball as long as possible then as they are completing their backswing they should be moving their lower body toward the target.

This sounds like an impossible move but it is actually a very natural move that people experience in the simple act of throwing a ball as far as possible. When a person attempts to throw a ball as far as possible their throwing arm and hand is going back while the lower body is moving towards the target.

To help you feel this move in your golf swing you need to understand that just before you reach the top of your golf swing you should be focused on moving your weight to your left foot and then moving your left knee towards the target (or the right foot and right knee for lefties).

A good way to feel this move is to swing back to a ¾ backswing position and then stop and hold that position. Then move your front foot back so it’s together with your back foot. At this point start your backswing again and complete it. As you’re completing your backswing move your front foot back to where it was at setup and this will help you to transition correctly from your backswing to your downswing with your body going in two different directions at once. Keep practicing this, as it’s a great drill to ingrain the habit of transitioning correctly into your downswing, and the correct transition will help build power and momentum in your golf swing.

If you work on getting your golf swing sequencing correct then you can expect much longer and more powerful drives, and your swing speed will increase as a result as well.

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