Golf Drill To Improve Your Pitching Feel

When you watch golf on T.V. you often hear the commentators talking about feel shots. Especially when a golfer is faced with a pitch shot. So what do they mean when they talk about a feel shot?

Well, what they are referring to is that the golfer will not have a specific yardage for the pitch shot. Instead they will have to feel how far to hit the golf ball. They will have to feel how the ball is going to react when it hits the ground. They will have to feel what is the best shot to get the ball close to the hole.

Essentially a feel shot in a game of golf is a short game shot that requires your imagination to try and get the ball close. It is not your stock standard pitch shot.

In this article I’m going to give you a simple exercise that you can do to improve your feel around the greens, so let’s get started.

Let’s say an average pitch shot is in the 20-50 yard range. So to improve your feel for this type of shot you need to go out to either a practice green, or you can even do this at home if your backyard is big enough, or just go to a park or reserve where this exercise will be safe to do.
Get some golf balls and with an underhand action toss the balls to your target.

By doing this it will help your rhythm and tempo when you go to pitch a golf ball, because the tempo and rhythm used to toss a ball should be similar to the tempo and rhythm required to hit good pitch shots.

When you’re doing this underhand tossing drill notice and be aware of how your hand adjusts to produce different trajectories and distances.

Don’t just do one trajectory when doing this exercise. Do high tosses, low tosses, medium height tosses and everything in between. Get a feel for how the ball reacts when you do this. Notice how your hand adjusts for different tosses.

Once you have done this for at least 10 minutes then get out the club you normally pitch with and hit some pitch shots to the targets you’ve been tossing balls from. When you do this you’ll notice that you have a much greater feel when pitching, which can only help to get your pitch shots closer and slash shots from your scores.

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