Practice Negative Thinking To Lower Your Golf Scores

Practice Negative Thinking To Lower Your Scores!

You may have thought that was a typo… but it wasn’t.

I honestly want you to practice negative thinking and it WILL lower your scores.

Here’s what I’m getting at.

Have you ever had a putt and thought that you’re going to miss it?

Have you ever had a chip shot that you knew you were going to duff?

Have you had a drive that you knew you were going to hit poorly?

Like everyone, you would have experienced negative thinking prior to hitting shots.

So we can either bury our heads in the sand and try to be more positive, or accept that negative thoughts are going to come up and we need a plan to deal with them.

I suggest, if you want lower scores, you do the second option. But how?

Well, first let’s look at putting.  I’m sure you’ve had a putt where you thought you were going to miss it.  So you need a plan on what you’re going to do in the future when you have a negative thought prior to a putt.

In my mental improvement program I give you lots of strategies to help you do this.  But in case you don’t have that yet, I want to give you one good one today.

First, I think you should use a word to interrupt your thinking.  That word could be “Stop” or “Cancel” for example.  Or you could even say “excuse me?”.   Which I imagine you’d say (or a four letter word) if one of your playing partners said you’re going to miss a putt. You just need something to interrupt the negative thought.

Ok, so you interrupt the negative thought… then what do you do? Replace it with a positive thought?

Not necessarily.

Let’s say you have a 5 footer and you stop your negative thought and replace it with a positive thought like “I’m going to hole this putt”.  Well, your mind is not stupid.  You aren’t guaranteed to hole the putt.

So instead, here’s something you can do instead.  You can replace a negative thought with a question like this:

“Is it possible I could hole this putt?”

Naturally it is.

And that’s a good question to ask, but I really think you should use the cancel or stop strategy and then go through a rock solid mental routine that will not give further negative thoughts a chance to get in.

In this program I tell you exactly how to do that.  And when you follow it you can only help you to lower your scores.

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Jeff Richmond