Why you need an OPEN clubface to hit professional push DRAWS

You might be surprised to hear that you need an open clubface to hit a push draw, but it’s true.

You see, I have been doing quite a bit of research and experimenting into impact positions.  Here’s what I’ve found…

The starting direction of a shot is largely determined (about 85%) by the clubface alignment at impact.

So if you want to hit a pretty little push draw, then you must have a clubface that is open to your target line at impact.

If the clubface is open how will the ball curve from right to left?

Boy you ask good questions! 🙂

Well, the curve of the ball is largely dictated by the path of your clubface.  So if you want to hit a draw that starts to the right of you target and curves back, then you need an in-to-out swing path.

Now this is where it gets a little confusing.  Because if you want to hit a draw, then your clubface alignment needs to be slightly closed to your swing path.

Please note that I said slightly closed to your swing path, NOT your target line.

A good way to see this in action is by using a computer device that gives you feedback on your swing path and clubface alignment.  A great example is the Trackman device.  If you can find someone with one of them or something like it, then here’s some numbers that you can use to try and hit a push draw.

To hit a push draw you want your swing path to be about 4-6 degrees in to out.  And you want your clubface alignment at impact to be about 2-3 degrees open.

So the clubface is actually closed to the swing path, which is how the ball will start to the right and then curve from right to left.

The clubface is open to the target line, but this is how the ball starts to the right.

Some people find this hard to understand, because it seems almost the opposite of what you would think is needed to hit a push draw.

In future emails I will unpack this some more because, it’s so important that you…

a) understand the scientific ball flight laws
b) work on the right parameters to hit the consistent golf shots you want.

Now you may be saying that you want to hit it straight.  And to do that you’d need to (among other things) have a straight path and a square clubface.

Sounds a bit hard to do consistently, don’t ya reckon?

That’s probably why Jack Nicklaus has said he’s only ever hit a couple of straight shots in his life.

Look, if you want to be a consistent golfer, you need to have tolerances built in to your swing path and clubface alignment.  So your misses aren’t that bad, and you know where the ball is going.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to digest the info I’ve given you today.  But if you want a full-on step-by-step program to help you hit a push draw, then simply go here.

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Jeff Richmond