Weird Trick For MUCH Better Chip/Pitch Shots

This might be weird, but here goes…

I have been struggling hitting my chip and pitch to the hole.  Most shots have been short.

So before my last game of golf I set a goal to get every chip and pitch shot past the hole.

I get out to play and face my first chip shot on the 4th.

I hit this shot about 15 feet past the hole.

The next short game shot is a 40 yard pitch on the 9th. I hit this shot about 20 feet past the hole.

My next short shot is on the 12th, and I have about a 30 yard pitch. I hit this shot 20 feet past the hole.

It then suddenly occured to me, I was achieving my goal AND… NOT in a good way!!!

Then two holes later I had about a 20 yard pitch, and as I was walking up to the ball I was talking to myself and I said something like this:

“Ok, for this shot I want to hit the ball so it ends up either in the hole or just past the hole no further than 3 feet”.

Nice and specific, right?

I hit the shot and the ball goes past the hole and finishes about 2 feet away for an easy tap-in for par.

I then had one other pitch in the round. I said exactly what I wanted and the ball finished at another easy tap-in range.

What’s the moral of the story here?

When you set goals to improve at golf you have to be very specific as to what you want!

Naturally I knew this, but needed a reminder.

Now it’s all very well telling yourself what you want to do.  BUT if you don’t have the skills to do it then you’ll be very frustrated.  This is glaringly obvious when it comes to the short game, with the amount of golfers that duff and skull short game shots.

So if the short game is a weakness of yours, then go here and check out my complete step-by-step short game improvement program:

Because when you combine that with telling yourself exactly what you want to do, you can’t help to knock shots off your scores.

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Jeff Richmond