Lower Your Golf Scores By Asking This Simple Question


They can kill your golf score.

And that’s why on tour you often see a guy that’s gone low one round, and have a high round the next.

Equally, if you go out there expecting to play great because you’re hitting it really nicely, then you can quickly find out that’s not the case and panic.

Or conversely, you could have no expectations and play great. But then back come those expectations and the good scores go again.

So what’s the solution?

Well, my good friend and mental game guru, Craig Sigl, taught me to ask one question before playing a game that radically changed the way I play and look at a game of golf.

It’s such a simple question that can truly help you to lower your scores, and I want to share that question with you today.

The question to ask before you play is….

“I wonder what I will shoot today?”

Or you could ask…

“I wonder how I’ll play today?’

Now the great thing about this question is that you are suspending judgement.  You’re not going out there to try and shoot a certain score or play a certain way.

You’re open to possibilities.

And that’s a great way to play golf.

I’m sure you know by now that there’s no guarantees when you’re on the first tee how you’re going to score or play.

So ask yourself that question before your next game of golf, and I’m sure you’ll feel different and consequently play better.

And you can also use a variation of that question on each hole.  Just ask something like… “I wonder how I’ll play on this hole?”.

When you play golf you want to be open to the possibilities of playing great golf, without expecting it.  And these questions will help you do just that.

So try them out and let me know how you get on.

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Jeff Richmond