Inside Down The Line Putting Track Review

Who is the best putter to have ever played the game?

Personally, I would argue that Tiger Woods is the best putter to have ever played, because the amount of times he has holed putts in the clutch is amazing. The amount of times he’s hit the ball all over the map and yet salvaged a decent score is amazing.

And what type of putting stroke does Tiger use?

Well, on very short putts it looks straight back and straight through. If you’re on extremely fast greens and you only have to take the putter back a couple of inches are you really going to think about arcing the putter?

Of course you’re not. It’s straight back, straight through.

But the longer the putt the more you have to let the putter move to the inside.

And when you watch Tiger putt, you see that he moves his putter to the inside on the backswing. But on the follow-through he moves the putter more down the line and the putter head releases. He has even talked about his inside, down-the-line putting stroke.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Butch Harmon is involved with this inside, down-the-line putting track, because he was Tiger’s golf coach a number of years ago.

Personally, I have tried both the straight back and straight through putting stroke, and the arc putting stroke. This inside, down-the-line putting training aid promotes a hybrid putting stroke.

You get to take the club on the inside on the backswing and downswing, and then you move the putter straight through on the follow-through.

After trying this putting stroke, I must say, I love it.

It puts an awesome roll on the ball.

It’s an easy stroke. It feels natural.

With the arc putting stroke you always wonder how much to arc it. But with this putting stroke the training aid guides you going back and down on a good arc, and then you simply follow straight through while you let the putter release naturally.

When you get this product from here you get two putting tracks. A short one and a long one. The short putting track is good for 10 feet putts or less. And the long one can be used for basically any putt longer than 10 feet.

You can use these putting tracks either at home or on the putting green. They are simple to setup and use. Just put them down, line them up with where you want the ball to go and stroke your putt.

If you’re outside on the putting green there’s holes that you can put tees in to keep the track in place.

You can use this putting track in two ways.

The first is to have the heel of your putter slide along the track. The other way is to simply have your putter heel an inch or so away from the putting track and then you can use the track as a guide for your putting stroke.

This is what you can do at home, that way you don’t need to try and keep the track in place.

Personally I like to use this putting track as a guide. Because out on the course you clearly can’t use this putting track to run your putter along. But it’s great to use as a guide when you’re practicing, so you can focus on making a good stroke every single time. And that’s got to improve your putting!

In conclusion, I really like the stroke that this putting track helps you to groove. It feels natural, it puts a good roll on the ball, and it helps to get the ball rolling where you want. And a lot of tour pro’s use this.

If you are struggling with your putting or if you just want to find a simple way to improve, I recommend you go here and check this inside down the line putting track some more.

Overall Opinion: Highly Recommended

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Jeff Richmond