Improve Your Short Game Like A Pro

If you struggle with your short game, I have a simple tip for you today that should help you.

Now when you watch most PGA tour pro’s have a short game shot, there’s no doubt about it, they play very slowly.

I’m in no way advocating you play your short game shots as slowly as pro’s, BUT you should adopt what they do.

And what they do is generally the opposite of what poor short game players do.

Here’s what I mean.

When you watch a very good pro have a short game shot down the stretch, they will always have a long look at what lies in front of them. They are not hurrying things when they look over the shot. But once they have a waggle or two, looking at the target, they then swing very quickly.

However, when you watch a golfer that has a poor short game, you will see the reverse of this.

A golfer who lacks confidence with their short game will see they have a short game shot, start worrying about it, and not really look over the situation because they are nervous. Then when they go to play the short game shot they will spend way more time over the ball (proportionally) than they did looking over the shot.

It will appear as though they played the shot quickly. But in reality, they spent more time over the ball than they did assessing the situation.

So from now on, when you are faced with a short game shot, I want you to have a good look at what you are faced with. Don’t hold up play, but get in a position while your playing partners are playing their shots, so you can see what you are faced with.

Then decide on the shot you’re going to hit, get over the ball, have a waggle or two, and when your eyes get back to the ball, start your swing without delay.

Do not stand frozen over the ball at any point in time when you’re playing a short game shot.

This is a habit that you’ll have to force yourself to make. But when you do, you’ll improve your short game without making any changes to your technique.

In summary, spend longer analyzing your shots and spend a lot less time playing your short game shots.

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Jeff Richmond