Hole More Putts With This Tour Tip

I was watching a video the other day from one of arguably the best, most consistent putters ever to play professional golf.

The video was featuring Aaron Baddeley.  And Aaron was talking about what he does first when putting, which is to read the green and mentally see the ball going in the hole.

We all know that’s what we need to do first in putting, but the way he described what he does was really interesting. So I thought I would share it with you.

Now it’s common knowledge that the last few feet of a putt will break the most and are the most important.  That’s because the ball is going the slowest.

So what Aaron does when looking from behind the ball is to see the ball rolling into the hole from about 5 feet.  Then his eyes go back to his ball and he joins up the lines from the ball to what he was seeing about 5 feet from the hole.

That’s quite a bit different to what most golfers do.  Because most golfers visualize the ball rolling from the very start.

But what Aaron does is to break up the putt and read the last part of the putt first.  I think it’s an interesting way of doing it. I’m going  to give it a try and I suggest you do the same.  Who knows, it could be the putting breakthrough you need.

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Jeff Richmond