Do This ONE Thing After Your Game For Lower Golf Scores Next Time

Picture this…

You’ve just finished your game, signed your score card, had a drink… or two, and you’re heading home.

As you’re driving home you’re thinking about all the shots you wasted. All the shots that you could have done better. All of the shots that weren’t as good as you KNOW you could do.

Now doing that is natural, BUT…



Because the more you focus on something the more of it you’re going to get. So if after your game you focus on your bad shots, guess what’s going to happen next time?

That’s right… more bad shots!

So do this instead…

As soon as you can after each game of golf, I want you to do this… (and I guarantee, if you do it, you’ll shoot lower scores long term).

Mentally go over your game and then when you remember a good shot you hit I want you to write down the good shot. But when you do this I want you to write down as much about the good shot as you can.

So write down where it was, what happened, how the shot felt and anything else you can think of. The more descriptive the better.

And if you’re really keen to shoot lower scores, I suggest you buy a book where you can keep a record of these good shots. Then you can read over them before a game to build up your confidence.

Now I’m not saying to bury your head in the sand and ignore your  bad shots per se. You can most certainly look at areas were you can improve. So if you have a problem with chipping, then work on improving  it. Just don’t dwell on a bad shot here and there.

Focus on your good shots and you’ll have more of them.

If you do that I know you’ll play better golf long term.

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Jeff Richmond