Bryson Dechambeau Swing Speed Tip

How about the transformation of Bryson Dechambeau! He looks like a real long drive competitor playing on the PGA Tour.

No doubt he’s swinging faster, along with adding quite a bit of bulk to gain 20-30 yards in distance. Unfortunately, most of us have the bulk without the swing speed.
🙂 But today I’m going to give you something easy you can do to change that….

Now to swing faster you can do what is called overlapped or underspeed training. What that is, if you don’t already know, is swinging something either lighter (overspeed) or heavier (underspeed) than your regular golf club. If you do this, you should use something within 10% weight of your regular golf driver.

Today, I have something simple you can do for underspeed training that will make a great difference to your golf game. To do this exercise you’ll need a pool noodle
that is about 12 inches in length. Then you simply place it over the end of your golf grip on your driver and push it down so it’s at the end of your club like this…

Once that’s all ready, then you should do 5 swings as fast as you can. Then rest for a couple of minutes and then do another 5 swings. Then rest another 2 minutes then
do another 5 swings.

Before you do that, however, it’s a good idea to do a good warmup so your body is loose and ready to swing fast. Here’s a good program that gives you a good warmup for this.

When you do speed training you want to be fresh. So I suggest you do this 2 to 3 times a week max. With speed training, more is not better. You need to be fresh, and do short sharp speed training stints. Do that and you’ll hit the ball longer. And I can guarantee you this… You will NOT hit the ball as long as Bryson Dechambeau, but you’ll be longer than you were and that will make golf more fun.

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Jeff Richmond