Ben Hogan’s Pre Shot Routine

Ben Hogan had a very consistent pre-shot routine as you can see in this video below.  And Ben Hogan was a great ball striker.  Arguably the best ball striker that has ever played the game of golf.   A big reason why he was such a consistently great ball striker was because he setup to the ball virtually the same way every time.  This includes the same amount of time every time.  Watch this video of Ben Hogan setting up to his shots and taking pretty much 10 seconds every single shot.

Incidentally, the game of golf these shots are taken from are when Ben Hogan played a match against Sam Snead.  In this match Ben Hogan hit every single fairway and every single green in regulation.  Not bad!  Watch this video to see Ben Hogan’s consistent pre-shot routine in action and it would do you no harm to copy it!

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Jeff Richmond