1 Awesome Tip To Improve Your Chipping/Pitching NOW!

Today I have a simple tip for you to improve your chipping/pitching.

It’s something that you’ll often see some of the top PGA Pro’s doing.

If you struggle with chipping and pitching, this one tip could make the difference between you getting up and down OR losing shots.

So what’s the tip?

It’s simply to practice hitting chip and pitch shots with just your left hand.

How is that going to help you?

Well, for some reason, when you do this your follow-through is better… more flowing.

I think it also helps to lower expectations as well. Because chipping one handed is pretty hard, right? So, if you hit a bad shot then it’s no big deal.

So chipping and pitching with just your left hand will help to change your mindset.

And no doubt, when you hit shots with one hand you’ll hit some bad shots. That’s fine.

You will find more freedom, however, by chipping with one hand. And who knows… you may even take this to the course with you.

That’s what happened to one European golfer who had the chipping yips.

At the very least, you may want to practice swinging with just your left hand when you’re faced with a short game shot.

So use that tip to improve your chipping and pitching. And for even  more help with your short game to make it so it’s like a professional, go here to find out more about my step-by-step Short Game System.
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Jeff Richmond