Your Golf Scores Are Determined By This

I want you to think back to your last 10 games of golf. Were they mainly in the 90’s?  Were they in the 80’s or 70’s? Whatever the average was, I’m sure you’d like to score lower. But there’s one thing that if you don’t understand can stop that, no matter what you try to…

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Gun To The Head Golf Shot

Imagine this… You’re on the driving range hitting golf shots when someone comes up to you with a gun, sticks it to your head and says… “Tell me which shape of shot you’re going to hit on this next shot and hit it.” If you don’t hit that shape I’ll shot you. A bit dramatic…

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Practice Negative Thinking To Lower Your Golf Scores

Practice Negative Thinking To Lower Your Scores! You may have thought that was a typo… but it wasn’t. I honestly want you to practice negative thinking and it WILL lower your scores. Here’s what I’m getting at. Have you ever had a putt and thought that you’re going to miss it? Have you ever had…

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9 Tips To Lower Your Golf Scores

Golf is GREAT because you never know what you’re going to shoot before you go out. Golf is BAD because you never know what you’re going to shoot before you go out! Golf is a funny game… there’s no doubt about that. You can have a great game one day and a shocker the next.…

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Lower Your Golf Scores By Asking This Simple Question

Expectations. They can kill your golf score. And that’s why on tour you often see a guy that’s gone low one round, and have a high round the next. Equally, if you go out there expecting to play great because you’re hitting it really nicely, then you can quickly find out that’s not the case…

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Golf Tip – Putting Practice To Lower Golf Scores

Golf Tip Question I’m not very good at putting. I’m thinking of spending a lot of time practicing my putting to improve. Do you have some thoughts on how I should go about doing that? Golf Tip Answer If you practice your putting a lot doing the wrong things, you’ll get worse instead of better.…

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