Bubba Watson’s Golf Swing Secret

Bubba Watson hits it long – there’s no doubt about that.  Recently I was watching Bubba’s swing, and I noticed something he was doing that is a BIG reason for his long driving. So I’ve made this video below, in which I reveal this long driving swing move… and then I tell you how you…

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Longer Golf Drives With One Simple Move

Longer golf drives can be achieved simply by having a longer golf swing, because the longer you swing, while still maintaining a good solid golf swing, the more you will allow the club added time to build up speed and move faster. In this article I am going to share with you one simple thing…

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The Magic Drill For Longer Golf Drives

If you want to hit longer golf drives then you’re going to love this article because you’ll discover exactly what you need to work on to hit longer drives, along with a great golf drill to help you accomplish it. You see, an American company did some research into those golfers that hit long drives…

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"Which One of These 7 Shortcuts Will Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking?"