Golf Tip – Pitch Shot Distance Control

Golf Tip Question When I’m faced with a pitch shot in the 20 – 50 yard range I have no idea how hard to hit it. I have no feel and it shows! What can I do so I have more feel for these pitch shots? Golf Tip Answer Feel on pitch shots is critical.…

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Golf Tip – Improve Putting Distance Control

Golf Tip Question I’m having trouble with distance control on my putts. Can you give me some advice to help in this area? Golf Tip Answer Here’s a very simple way you can get a gauge on the distance of your putts…and very rarely do I see average to above average golfers doing it. But…

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How To Control The Distance Of Your Pitch Shots

Controlling the distance you hit your pitch shots is a critical skill to learn IF you want to score as low as possible. So in this article I’m going to reveal a way that you can train yourself to hit pitch shots the distance you want. To do this you need to find a grassed…

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Golf Pitching Distance Control Drill

When you’re playing a game of golf you’ll often be faced with a pitch shot whether that be a 50 yard pitch shot, an 80 yard pitch shot or even a 30 yard pitch shot. When you are faced with such a pitch shot one of the most important elements needed for success is distance…

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