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The Consistency ReportIf you’re frustrated that your golf game doesn’t get much better no matter how hard you try then you must read this controversial special report right now.  Because it exposes the hidden golf improvement secret that industry insiders are hiding from you.  When you get this special report now you’ll discover things like…

  • Why the majoirty of the golf industry actually wants you to remain inconsistent and not improve — and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t keep happening to you anymore.
  • Why you’ve never found a long term solution to your consistency problems.
  • How virtually all golf instruction takes you further away from ever becoming the consistent golfer you dream of — and what you need to focus on to reach your golfing dreams.
  • How to instantly swing with smooth, effortless power and deadly accuracy, without changing anything about your swing!
  • What happens to cause you to go from hitting it great one second to hitting it horrible the next — and what you can do to stop that from happening.
  • One secret technique you can use today to add 10+ yards to your drives.
  • Plus much, much more!

To read this special report right now to find out the one secret that no one else is telling you, simply put in your first name and email address in the form below and click the ‘Get Access Now’ button.

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  1. Juan

    Hope this has the answer to my consistency problems. It’s killing me right now!

  2. Scott

    my consistency has been a problem for years. this better be the solution i’ve been looking for or i’m giving up on this game. it’s too frustrating hitting so many bad shots.

  3. Mike G

    I have wasted too many hours practicing and not improving. Can’t wait to read what you have to say.


    Mike G

  4. B Strange

    you bet I’m frustrated my game doesn’t get any better! i’ve tried it all….lessons (with some well known instructors too), gadgets, books, dvds. and on and on. you betta have something different here.

  5. CJ

    I knew teh pro’s were hiding something from me. I often take a lesson and get a little better for a short time then get worse so I have to go back and shell out more cash. Can’t wait to find out what y ou’ve got.

  6. Stu

    Consistency has been the bain of my golf game ever since I started. If you have teh solution I will kiss you!!!

  7. always nice to have some informations about golf, because it’s so f&^$#$##$@&**() havy to play good golf.

  8. Don

    Hello, It will be interesting to know what us golf instructors are hiding from our students. If you have a sound method I am all for it. I have tried to find ways to help all my students based on any limitations they might have. Teaching consistance is alway a main goal. I will check out your info and hope it is benefical to your students.

  9. Ed Johnson

    Have tried everything practice twice a day with no improvement ED. J

  10. nathan

    every shot counts.

  11. Chris

    Can’t wait for more info to help my game…..had three golf lessons and every time I got worse!!

  12. kJell

    I have wasted too many hours practicing and not improving. Can’t wait to read what you have to say.
    Hoping this has the answer to my consistency problems


  13. Derek Johnson

    Interested to see what you have to say. There must be some reason why I’m not consistent. It can’t be me!

  14. clive

    Sounds good! I hope it does the job.

  15. Alan

    I hope it’s not a little green pill !

  16. Gary B. Dykes

    Sure hope this helps a Senior!!!!!!!!!

  17. Rich Leutzinger

    Consistency bothers most golfers, even the ones you see on TV.

  18. muh najamuddin

    Dear, Ii like to improve my golf with yours. Thank

  19. gibbymcdonald

    hope its what you say it is

  20. Barbara

    Hope this has the answer to my consistency problems.

  21. Philip

    wow i am looking forward to read what was missing in my golf game…the secrets etc…i really hope this willl work cos i spent a very long long time trying to find the solution…i look forward to reading !!!

  22. Colin

    well done

  23. jack barton

    Hope to get some help

  24. jack barton

    Lets go

  25. Frank Hann

    I will thoroughly read and review the report.

  26. robert cloutier

    seems intriguing and yet promissing. Eager to consult the material as consistency is key to further enjoying the game.

  27. Sheldon

    Willing to try anything that will work!

  28. Paul Bale

    lets give it a go

  29. Anthony

    Hope this is going to help, getting very frustrated.

  30. leslie wilson

    my playing partners said today my golf was boring I was hitting all the fairways and some of them quite long, for me .I played 4 under my handycap still room for more improvement

  31. ron Andrews

    What ba wonderful piece of advice .I have been playing Golf over 70 years and never used your advice before .I am now using it and getting better results.Many thanks

  32. chavalit Naidruksakul

    Hope it can help me to get better in golf game.

  33. Joe

    Great report Jeff, I shall pass this on to my visitors and subscribers!


  34. othman

    Yes sir it is true that i have so many tips from pros telling me about this and that. I have a problem on my swing, in side and out side and my right arm didnt work as i down swing.And the ball hit slice,top ect.Feel bad and the feeling of frustration keep going on and on.For your information i am a left handed users, But i am still used a right hand golf set as i was start learn it before. And i start confuse with this all theory a bout golf. As i read your article yes i agree with what u said.. It is a mental game and should play it with it should be. Any how thanks for the tips, it helping me a lot and still looking for more advise from u becouse we really needs people like u to guide us playing with a happy feeling. Agains thanks alot, see u in next time.

  35. Anne

    sounds good

  36. Michael M.

    I played 9 holes an evening last week. I had 2 bogies and 2 pars yet still shot a 49!!! That’s the picture of inconsistency, I will relish the info in this report. Thank You

  37. Rev. David K. Moore

    I’m very interested in what this report has to offer.

  38. DOC

    Have got your program and am happy to say that it has helped quite a bit. I will say that any body that has a garage full of clubs and a shelf full of dvd’s etc with no results should buy this now. It really helps.