Consistent Golf Affiliate Program – Step 1 of 2

[headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Now You Can Give Away A Great Golf Product And Get $4.98 Every Time A Person Gets It, PLUS….[/headline_arial_small_left] [headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered color=”#71812C”]Get Lifetime Commissions On All Future Purchases Of Our Products – Including New Products We Release![/headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered]

These are just some of the products you will get 50% Commissions On:
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You get 50% commission on all of these products AND you get 50% commission on all new products we release.  The great thing about this affiliate program however, is you simply need to promote and give away one product – 15 Minutes To The Perfect Golf Swing (you get $4.98 every time a person gets this) – and we will do all the marketing for you to make future sales.

Look, the Consistent Golf Affiliate Program is a great way for you to make some serious income, or just earn a little extra money while helping others to improve their golf games.

Why Should You Join Our Affiliate Program?

The affiliate software we use (more on that in step 2) hardcodes affiliates when customer contact records are created. That’s how we can confidently claim to pay true lifetime commissions on any lead you send our way. It makes no difference how your referral orders from us in the future, you still earn the commission.

Simply get your traffic to opt-in to our marketing by giving away our 15 Minutes To The Perfect Golf Swing product, and that’s it. You’re done. You don’t have to worry about cookies being erased or whether you can do the follow-up marketing yourself. We handle it for you.

We fine tune our follow up marketing constantly, and know what works and what doesn’t with the demographic interested in our products.  Simply get people to get the 15 Minutes To A Perfect Golf Swing product for free, and your work is done.

We pay out commissions monthly on the 10th of every month via PayPal. There’s a $25 minimum commission requirement to receive a payment.

So to get started simply enter your first name and your PRIMARY email address in the box below and click sign up.

Affiliate Signup – Step 1 of 2

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Jeff Richmond
Director of Instruction
Consistent Golf

P.S. When you become an affiliate you can also promote any of our other products as well.