Consistent Golf Affiliate Program

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When you join Consistent Golf’s affiliate program now you will get some HIGH QUALITY resources you can use to pre-sell our great products and services with. Here’s an example of the resources you’ll have access to in just a minute:

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  • Solo Emails
  • Blog Posts/Articles
  • Press Release
  • Blog/Website Review
  • Great Pre-Selling Videos That You Can Embed With Your Clickbank Affiliate Link
  • Banners
  • Classified Ads
  • Plus much more to come

These resources will be automatically embedded with your Clickbank affiliate link so you only need to copy and paste – making it easy for you. And if you would like any other resources or any help in promoting Consistent Golf’s products and services please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you or help you out.

The great thing about the Consistent Golf affiliate program is that it offers you the chance to promote a real, residual service (The online Consistent Golf School). This is not like a normal golf membership website where the average person stays 2-3 months.


Golfers that are joining the online Consistent Golf School are staying a very long time. Here is the average sale from Clickbank for this product:

Golfers joining the online Consistent Golf School are staying month after month and year after year. So this is a true service which you will receive 50% commission each and every month a person you referred remains a student. This makes this a true partnership between yourself and us.

Also, we have a number of other very successful one time payment golf products you can promote as well.

This affiliate program is through Clickbank so you can be assured that you will be paid like clockwork. Plus, because of the residual nature of the online Consistent Golf School you will have security in your earnings once you have referred enough people to this service. To also help you make as much money as possible from the visitors you send us we are consistently testing our landing pages to improve conversions.

[headline_arial_medium_left color=”#000000″]So here’s 7 reasons why you should join now and promote Consistent Golf’s Products And Services[/headline_arial_medium_left]
  1. You’ll get great resources to pre-sell these products and services with.
  2. You’ll get copy and paste code embedded with your affiliate link to make it easy for you to make money with this.
  3. You’ll get ongoing support and help to make sure you succeed, because when you succeed, we succeed.
  4. You’re guaranteed to be paid with Clickbank.
  5. This is a true partnership where we split the profits 50/50 on the online Consistent Golf School.
  6. This is residual income. You make one sale for the online Consistent Golf School and you get paid for the life of that customer.
  7. We work hard to make the most money from each visitor you send us.

To get started right now you only need to do these two simple things…

1. Go here to get a Clickbank ID if you don’t already have one. It is free by the way — just click the signup link on this Clickbank page.

2. Fill in the short form below. Then get access to all of the great pre-selling resources embeded with your Clickbank affiliate link!