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[headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Finally The Consistent Golf Swing Puzzle Has Been Cracked Because Now You Can…[/headline_arial_small_left]
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[headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered color=”#A7AC8E”]Get Every Piece Of The Puzzle Needed To Build A Consistent Golf Swing For Longer, Straighter and More Consistent Golf Shots – Starting Today![/headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered] [content_box_grey width=”80%”][headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]… “It’s easy when you know how, and no, you don’t need hours to do it, and even very little natural talent is needed.  As long as you can follow simple step-by-step instructions you too can build a great, consistent golf swing.”[/headline_arial_small_left][/content_box_grey]

Longer, straighter and more consistent golf shots – starting today!  Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

And yet, you know that with one small tweak to what you’re currently doing your ball striking can improve.

So imagine if you’re told exactly what those tweaks are and in what order you need to do them in.

Jeff RichmondMy name is Jeff Richmond, and in a moment I’m going to tell you about this amazing breakthrough in golf instruction that I call Consistent Golf Swingology and how you can use it to finally become the great, consistent ball striker you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

First, you need to understand why you’ve never hit the golf ball as long, straight and as consistently as you want.

If you’re like most golfers, you would have tried one thing after another to hit the ball longer and straighter.  And sometimes you strike it lucky and start hitting the ball better.  But it never lasts does it.

[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Why Does Your Good Ball Striking Never Last?[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

It’s simply because you have so many other pieces missing that are needed to be a consistent ball striker that a “right” piece will never make up for it…. long term.

And I know… it’s a horrible feeling playing golf and struggling with your swing.  Trying to figure out what you can possibly do to hit the ball straighter and more consistently.  Golf is no fun when you’re playing army golf…. “Left, Right, Left, Right”.  Not to mention it’s embarrassing!

Agolf-swing-complicatationsnd when this happens you want a solution now!

That’s understandable but….

The golf swing is without doubt one of the most complex movements in all of sports.

And the golf swing has more written about it than I imagine any other movement in any other sport.

That’s the problem!

You see, there’s so much information about the golf swing it can leave you confused when you get one random golf tip after another.

Random tips on the golf swing will NEVER help you to become a consistent ball striker.


Clearly what you need is…

[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#000000″]An Intelligent Order And Plan To Build A Consistent Golf Swing[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

And you need to stick to one plan if you’re ever going to have any hope of building a consistent golf swing.

When you find that plan and you commit to following it, and ignore everything else, then you will start to hit longer, straighter shots.  You will enjoy playing golf more.  You will have confidence that you’re going to hit good shot after good shot.

But to do this however you need a PROVEN step-by-step plan.

That’s where Consistent Golf Swingology comes in.

It’s a proven step-by-step plan to help you build a consistent golf swing that hit’s the ball longer, straighter and more consistently.

Here’s how this works.

As soon as you join Consistent Golf Swingology you get the following four lessons on the golf grip:

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Lesson 1 – How To Take The Golf Grip Out Of Play: In this lesson you’ll discover what you need to do so you can ‘set-and-forget’ your grip.  This will mean you’ll be able to move onto other parts of the setup and swing confident knowing that you have a good, well formed grip.

Lesson 2 – How To Find The Perfect Grip Pressure For You: In this lesson you’ll find out a simple procedure you can do to find the perfect grip pressure for you.  No “grip the club as firm as you would a loaf of bread” non-sense here.

Lesson 3 – How To Have A Consistent Grip Routine: In this lesson you’ll be given the exact steps to make sure you can repeat a great golf grip shot after shot.

Lesson 4 – The Consistent Waggle And Clubface Alignment: In this lesson you’ll be shown “the consistent waggle” and how to train yourself to align the clubface square to your target.


The golf grip is NOT the most exciting place to start but it’s the best.

[testimonial3 author=”Ben Hogan” + pic=””][headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#000000″]“Good golf begins with a good grip”[/headline_tahoma_small_centered][/testimonial3]

And with these first four lessons you’ll take the golf grip completely out of play so you can focus on improving everything else in the setup and golf swing.

Remember, the golf swing is like a giant jig-saw puzzle.  And you need to put the grip pieces in place.  After you’ve done that then you will get the following lessons in weekly order….

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Lesson 5 – The Consistent Stance Width And Feet Positioning: In this lesson you’ll discover the ONE feet width that you should use for every shot you play.  Imagine how much more consistent you’ll be when you find out what that one stance width is. No more will you have to try and change your stance width for each club.

Lesson 6 – The Consistent Golf Swing Ball Position: In this lesson you’ll be given a simple procedure to do every shot that will get the ball positioned perfectly.

Lesson 7 – The Consistent Golf Swing Posture: In this lesson you’ll discover how to setup correctly with your posture.  The information shared in here is completely contrary to what most golf teachers offer.

Lesson 8 – The Consistent Golf Swing Alignment: In this lesson you’ll be told how to setup with perfect alignment AUTOMATICALLY every shot.

Lesson 9 – The Consistent Golf Swing Physical Pre-Shot Routine: In this lesson you’ll be shown “the consistent golf swing pre-shot routine”.  When you use it, your chances on success on every shot sky-rocket.

Lesson 10 – The Consistent Golf Swing Mental Pre-Shot Routine: In this lesson you’ll be told exactly the thought process you need to go through and during each shot to ensure the most consistentcy possible.  In this lesson there are revealed never before heard of techniques to “go automatic” when you swing.

Lesson 11 – The Consistent Golf Swing Setup: Putting It All Together: In this final lesson on the setup you’re given a plan to make sure everything up to this point sticks.  That way you can basically rule out your setup when it comes to ball striking and you’re then free to focus on building a great golf swing from a super solid foundation!


By the end of the first 11 lessons of Consistent Golf Swingology you will have a setup as good as any pro.  And most importantly, you will have taken the setup out of play and successfully added all of those pieces to the consistent golf swing puzzle.

Then you will move onto creating a great, consistent backswing.

Then the transition and downswing.  Then impact.  Then the follow-through and finish.  And finally I will give you lessons to help you put everything together so your consistent golf swing sticks.  It’s what I call the “swing glue” lessons.

Look, in all of these lessons you’re told exactly what you must do, in small bit sized chunks.  And with each Consistent Golf Swingology lesson you get video instructions and a PDF to download and print out so you know exactly what you must do to improve.


[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#000000″]This Makes Building A Great, Consistent Golf Swing Doable[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

You’re not bombarded with ton’s of random tips and advice.

Enough of that!  It’s never going to help you become a great, consistent ball striker.

Instead, with Consistent Golf Swingology you’re given a simple, well thought, intelligent plan to build a consistent golf swing.

You will never get this with any video, book or golf school.

Clearly if you ever want to build a consistent golf swing  that hit’s the ball consistently long and straight then you need all the pieces of the puzzle to do it.  And you need to be given one piece at a time and make sure it’s right.

That’s why I created Consistent Golf Swingology.

Because so many golfers are struggling to hit the ball how they want.  And it’s not a lack of “trying”.  But it’s a lack of what the right pieces are they need to be working on and in what order.

It’s got to stop and….

[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#000000″]This Is The Solution You’ve Been Looking For To Finally Build A Consistent Golf Swing – One Step At A Time[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

So just imagine starting today, to build your own consistent golf swing.  From the very get go you’ll start to improve your ball striking and as you add another piece you’ll get better and better until by the end of this program you would have built a great, consistent golf swing you can be proud of.  This will mean…

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  • You’ll be able to step onto the golf course confident that you’re going to hit the ball well.
  • You’ll finally have confidence in your golf swing instead of being confused.
  • You’ll get compliments from your playing partners about your ball striking.
  • You’ll enjoy playing golf more.
  • You’ll hit your shots, long, straight and you’ll do this consistently.
  • You’ll lower your scores.

Sound good?  I’m sure it does…and this reality can begin for you just a few moments from now.

When you join Consistent Golf Swingology today you’ll find this is the only program of it’s type that will show you step-by-step how to build a consistent golf swing.

And it’s almost impossible to fail with this my program!  That’s why you need to signup right now.  If you don’t, you’re going to always be going around in circles trying to create a consistent golf swing… and keep on struggling with the same old inconsistent results.

Look, I’m determined to make sure that when you join Consistent Golf Swingology you’ll finally build a consistent golf swing that you can be proud of.  And to make sure that happens here is what I’m going to give you as a member.

[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]New Consistent Golf Swingology Lessons Every Week[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

You’ll get at least one new lesson per week to help you build a great, consistent golf swing.  These lessons will build upon the previous lessons, and everything will be in a logical, well thought out sequence so you get the best return on investment for your time and money.This will mean that at last you can finally discover exactly what you need to do, and in what order, to become the consistent ball striker you’ve always wanted to become.

[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Free Email Support[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

As a member of Consistent Golf Swingology, if you have any golfing questions or problems simply email me and you’ll get a response back, from me personally (Jeff Richmond), within 24-48 hours (generally sooner) Monday-Friday.Clearly you’ll never get this sort of service with any Video, Book or Golf School.  And by simply getting your questions answered, it can mean the difference between ball striking success and failure.

[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″] Ask Questions After Each Lesson[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

As a member of Consistent Golf Swingology you’ll be able to ask questions directly after each lesson.  And I (Jeff Richmond) will personally answer all questions so that you’re left in doubt as to what you need to do to improve.As good as the lessons in Consistent Golf Swingology are, you may want to clarify something so you know  you’re about to do things correctly.  By getting answers to your questions you’ll be confident that you’re following the instructions correctly, and you will improve your ball striking quicker.

[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Golf Swing Video Critiques[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

Get your swing reviewed by Jeff Richmond himself to see if you’re on the right track with building your consistent golf swing.  And depending on what membership option you choose will depend on how many video critiques you can get.So once you’re a member and you’ve started to put the lessons into action, then simply send me your swing on video (full instructions on what you need to do for this are in the members only website) and I will analyze your swing and send you back advice and a plan on what are the main things you need to work on to improve your swing.

[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Short Game, Putting And Mental Game Help[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

As a member of Consistent Golf Swingology, you’ll get regular instructions on improving your short game, putting, and mental game.  This will allow you to build a great consistent golf swing and improve all the other important aspects of golf at the same time.

[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]21 Yards In 21 Days[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

With this program you WILL add 21 Yards To Your Drives In 21 Days or less – and here’s how that’s going to happen.Every day of this program you will…

…get one new drill or exercise that WILL add AT LEAST 1 – 10 yards to your drives in just 15 minutes per day.

PLUS… ALL of the drills and exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home.

These daily drills and exercises have been arranged in a specific order, so that by the end you’ll get the most LONG DRIVE bang for your buck.

Plus, to make sure you know what you should do every single day, this program comes with:

  • 67 Page PDF
  • 64 Full Color Pictures
  • 36 Videos

So after just 21 days YOU WILL be hitting your drives AT LEAST 21 yards further than you are right now.

This program is worth at least $47.   But it’s yours FREE when you join and become a Consistent Golf Swingologist!

[text_bar_1_left background=”#444444″ + width=”100%”]Was The Shortest Driver — Now One Of The Longest![/text_bar_1_left][content_box_yellow width=”75%”]

“I used to have the shortest drive in our foursome. The only time I could out drive them was when they hit a really poor drive and I just happen to hit a really good one. As the weeks passed, my buddies noticed that I was getting “longer” . And you know what? I now out drive all of them at least 50% of the time even when they hit a good drive. My buddies were all surprised and even predicted that it won’t be long before I really out drive them. They’re already panicking. I’m not stopping here. I’m continuing your program. Your frequent tips also helped me a lot. Thanks again. I’m a fan of yours.“

-Andy Pages , Philippines
[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]3 Easy Steps to a Professional Swing[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

There’s a damn good chance that your swing plane is the exact opposite of what it should be to hit great golf shots – consistently. But now in this 3 easy step program, you’ll discover how you can have the swing plane of a top PGA Tour pro. And when you’ve completed this program, you will…

  • hit the ball further (you could gain between 20-50 yards in distance)
  • hit the ball a lot straighter, and
  • you’ll hit the ball a lot more consistently.

This program is selling right now for $47.  But it’s yours FREE when you become a Consistent Golf Swingologist!

[text_bar_1_left background=”#444444″ + width=”100%”]16 Shots Lower After Just One Game…[/text_bar_1_left][content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]

“I went out last weekend and played my first round of golf since getting the program and following it and I really smoked the ball. I am so happy to say I shot an 84. I typically don’t break 100!My golf game has dramatically improved by hitting the ball much farther and with much more accuracy. The information you supplied me has changed my game completely.I now believe that I have the swing and confidence to play in local tournament here. Thanks so much for the help.”

-Chris Robertson, AZ, USA
[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]17 Days to a Professional, Powerful Draw[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

Hitting a professional, powerful draw will not only gain you distance, but it will get you the respect of your playing partners as well. And in this program you’ll discover…

  • How to grip the club to groove a draw ball flight fast.
  • How to position your front foot to encourage a draw instead of a slice.
  • The distance you need to stand from the ball to help encourage a draw.
  • The total setup needed to almost guarantee a draw ball flight.
  • The best drills to help you approach the ball from the inside.
  • The best drills to help you contact the ball with a slightly closed clubface so you’ll hit a powerful, professional looking draw.
  • How to check your equipment to make sure it encourages a draw instead of a slice.
  • Plus much, much more!

This program is worth at least $47.  But it’s yours FREE when you join and become a Consistent Golf Swingologist today!

 [text_bar_1_left background=”#444444″ + width=”100%”]Drives Now 20 – 25 Yards Longer…[/text_bar_1_left][content_box_light_green width=”75%”]

“After working through this program my ball flight now is straight with a little draw at the end.  This is a B-I-G improvement from my previous slice ball flight.   The instructions were very easy to follow and understand.  My drives are now a good 20 – 25 yards longer thanks to this program.  I have tried numerous other things but this is the only thing that has worked.  I’m lucky to have found it.  Thanks!”

-Mark Benson, North Carolina, USA
[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Easily Cancel Your Subscription  Yourself[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

You can easily cancel your subscription yourself at anytime, because we use PayPal to take our subscriptions. Which puts you in total control, as you can login to your PayPal account and cancel the subscription with a couple of clicks.This way you don’t need to worry about any long term contracts or being locked into something that is hard to cancel.

I have been in the golf industry 26 years and what I’m sharing with  you in Consistent Golf Swingology is the result of my research of the golf swing and how to make it consistent.

I’ve spent thousand of dollars along with thousands of hours studying the golf swing and coming up with the best, step-by-step way to help golfers build a consistent golf swing.

[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#000000″]This Is Your New Shortcut To Consistent Ball Striking[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

Consistent Golf Swingology is my most recent, updated version of a program to help golfers hit the ball consistently long and straight.  And it stems from older programs that helped golfers to get results like this:

[testimonial2 author=”Scott Calso, California, USA” + pic=””]“After completing this program my golf swing has vastly improved.  Playing partners are asking me what I have been doing because my swing looks a lot better and my shots are going further and a lot straighter.  I am very happy to have completed this program as I have been guilty of going from one thing to another with very little to show for it.  I am very fanatical about keeping my game stats and I can tell you that since starting and completing this program my scores are on average 7.4 lower than before I started.  The instructions I was given each week were very easy to follow and implement.  I have never seen a swing improvement program that has such high quality instruction in it.  Thanks for all your help and I look forward to improving other facets of my golf game as much, with your help.”[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author=”Victor Hansen, Texas, USA” + pic=””]“Wow, I was looking at my swing on video after completing the program and the difference between the start and now is like night and day.  From the beginning I noticed improvement and it kept building as I completed each lesson.  This was exactly what I have been looking for as I lacked focus.  My slice is now gone.  My shots are now going at least 30 yards further.  My handicap has gone done from 21 to 13!  This all adds up to a much more enjoyable game. I can’t recommend this high enough.  All my buddies are sick of hearing about it LOL”[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author=”Jack Nathan, New York, USA” + pic=””]“From the very first lesson I started to improve my ball striking.  It didn’t happen overnight but after every new lesson I would work on a new component of my swing and my ball striking would get a little more consistent.  The cumulative effect of this has been quite remarkable.  The first (which I didn’t expect) was a more pain free golf swing.  My friends say it’s because my swing is much more simple now.  Even though I am swinging easier the ball is going a lot further.  At a guess I would say a good 20 yards further.  This certainly makes golf more fun.  The instructions in the lessons were very detailed and easy to follow.  Thank you for taking the time to put together such a wonderful way to learn a golf swing.”[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author=”Fraser Scott, Florida, USA” + pic=””]“I was getting very confused by all the instructors out there so when I saw this I jumped on it with the intention of sticking to it exclusively.  I fell off the wagon a few times but by and large I stuck to the program.  The results so far have been nothing short of amazing.  My ball striking consistency has made a dramatic improvement.  I no longer hit ground balls like I used to.  I have a great trajectory on most of my shots now.  I am confident when I swing which is a far cry from the place I was at before starting this program.  You have put together a great work here.  I am very glad I joined and stuck with it.  The best golf investment I have ever made.”[/testimonial2]

So how much would you expect to pay for a great, consistent golf swing that hit’s the ball 20, 30 or even 40+ yards further while improving your accuracy?

$3000 like some expensive golf schools charge for just 3 days – without a guarantee?

Well, I think when you click here to join Consistent Golf Swingology you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with the price you can now pay to get a great, consistent golf swing.

But it get’s better.  Because I really believe in this program, and I’m confident you’ll get great results within 30 days of starting.

That’s why I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.  I’m willing to offer you a completely no risk, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

So in other words, there is no risk on you whatsoever.  I’m taking all the risk…and all of the responsibility… for you.

At last, here’s a step-by-step program that’s going to finally help you build a consistent golf swing that hit’s the ball longer, straighter and more consistently.

Just imagine stepping up onto the first tee CONFIDENT that you’re going to hit a great drive.  Imagine stepping up to those shots were you need an accurate drive or approach shot and knowing you can do it because you have a golf swing you can rely on.

[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#000000″]If You Don’t Start This Program Now, What’s Going To Change?[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

Nothing, that’s what.

You’ll always have an inconsistent golf swing and you’ll always hit the ball all over the place.  You’ll be frustrated with your ball striking. You’ll be frustrated with your scores and you won’t enjoy playing golf like you should.

Listen.  It doesn’t have to be like this.   You deserve better.  It’s time to make a REAL change and build yourself a consistent golf swing once and for all.  This is your opportunity to do so, right here…right now.

It’s easy to make excuses, but deep down you know that you really want a great, consistent golf swing.  You want to hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently.

So the right time is NOW.  Let me help you build a great, consistent golf swing that your playing partners will be jealous of…. starting now.

So click the “Sign Up” button below.  You’ll be taken to a page that will outline everything you get as a member of Consistent Golf Swingology and you’ll be able to choose which membership option best suits  you.

So go ahead…click the “Sign Up” button below to join Consistent Golf Swingology and begin to build your consistent golf swing today.

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Important Note: If you’re not 100% sure whether Consistent Golf Swingology is for you, join anyway and then use the 30 day, 100% money back guarantee if you have to. That’s what it’s there for….to protect you! I’d hate for you to miss out on building a great, consistent golf swing because of bad experiences with other inferior golf improvement products.


For Consistent Golf,




Jeff Richmond
Director of Instruction
Consistent Golf Swingology

P.S. Consistent Golf Swingology is going to finally show you how to build a great, consistent golf swing one step at a time.  If you truly want to hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently click the sign up button now: