Long Game

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[content_box_grey width=”75%”][headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Keep reading to find out more about the most systematic way to build a golf swing like a pro — that will have you hitting longer, straighter and more consistent golf shots than ever before![/headline_arial_small_left][/content_box_grey]

Dear Fellow Golfer,

hen you watch the pro’s swinging on TV (or live) there’s one comment you can make about almost all of them…

[content_box width=”75%”]“Their golf swings look so smooth, rhythmical and effortless.  It’s like they aren’t even trying hard to hit the golf ball but the ball goes so far and straight!”[/content_box]

So how do they hit the golf ball so far and straight with such a smooth, effortless swing?  And do you think there might be a link between having a smooth and effortless golf swing and being a low handicap, consistent golfer?

Also, have you noticed that today’s great golfers, as well as yesterday’s great golfers, all look so smooth and effortless when they swing?  It doesn’t matter what era of great golfer you look at, their golf swings are all smooth and effortless.

See, when you watch any really good golfer swing it’s like they’re swinging so smoothly yet the ball travels so far.  They look like they are taking a simple, graceful swing and yet the ball flies off the clubface like a bullet from a gun.

How do they do it?

Also, most of the top golfers in the world are average size people that regularly hit 300 yard plus drives.   They are generally nothing more than average joe’s.  Yet they make it look so easy to hit the ball so straight and far. How can they do it when you get guys who have been great at other sports (like Charles Barkley) that really suck at golf?

How do average size golfers build a swing that is so smooth and effortless yet the ball goes a country mile consistently (think Ben Hogan, Tom Watson, Sergio Garcia, Rory McIlroy, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Kite)?

[headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#000000″]How do they build a great golf swing like that?[/headline_tahoma_large_centered]

Now think about the average golfer’s swing. (maybe your golf swing?)

It’s complicated with a thousand and one moving parts, bad balance, no rhythm and jerky which hit’s the ball fat one time, thin the next.  Slices one shot way right and then pulls the next way left.  The average golfer’s golf swing generally looks nothing like the powerful, smooth and effortless swing of the great golfers, right?

Watch this video to see the proof of what I’m saying…

See, when you play golf do you often see golfers that are trying to murder the ball, swinging as hard as they can, no rhythm, are off balance and as a result have a terrible finish to the golf swing just like the amateurs in that video above?  And do you see any golfers with swings like that hit the ball consistently straight and long, shot after shot?

Of course you don’t!

The great golfers finish their swing in balance because they are swinging smoothly with very little wasted motion.  They swing easy with Effortless Power, whereas the average amateur golfer swings with Powerful Effort.  The bad swings are filled with huge amounts of effort, contortions and look plain bad.  So again, let me ask you…

[content_box_yellow width=”75%”][headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Do you think there might be a link between taking an effortlessly powerful, smooth and graceful golf swing and being a low handicap, consistent golfer?[/headline_arial_small_left][/content_box_yellow]

Well, I know there is.

My name is Jeff Richmond and I’m the Director of Instruction for Consistent Golf.  I have seen thousands of golfers swings over the last 25 years that I have been playing and teaching golf, and there is always a HUGE difference between a great golfers swing and an average golfers swing.

So that begs the question….

What can the average golfer do to build a great golf swing like the best golfers in the world so they too can have lower scores, more enjoyment and impress their friends?

Before I tell you what you need to do here’s what you don’t need:

[red_arrow_list width=”100%”]
  • You don’t need “daily instructional” videos
  • You don’t need lots more training aids
  • You don’t need lots more tips
  • You don’t need more conflicting advice from one golf pro after another
  • You don’t need to be overloaded with golf information and advice causing you to not know who or what to believe


What you need to do to build your own perfect golf swing is to FOCUS and follow a proven, step-by-step program that walks you through every step needed to help you create a great, professional quality golf swing.

But there’s good news and bad news as far as that is concerned.

First, the bad news.  You cannot build a smooth, graceful, powerful golf swing overnight like some people claim e.g. takes a bucket of balls to learn, you’ll learn this new swing overnight, gain 30 yards in one hour etc., etc.

Those types of statements are lies!

The great golfers didn’t build a great golf swing overnight so what makes any other golfer think they’re different?

So that’s the bad news.  Now for the good news, which is…

When you’re building your own perfect golf swing you don’t need to get worse before you get better.


[content_box_yellow width=”75%”][headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]You can start to see improvement straight away (within the next 5 minutes) and then keep on improving all the way through the process of building your own perfect golf swing.[/headline_arial_small_left][/content_box_yellow]

Plus, there’s proven shortcuts to building a great, effortlessly powerful golf swing that will speed up your progress.

You see, I have designed a step-by-step program that gives you one new thing each lesson to help you build the perfect golf swing for you.  The reason you can’t swing like the great golfers is because you haven’t formed the good habits like they have.

You might be thinking they spent thousands of hours to do that and you simply don’t have the time.  Well, on one hand that’s true and on the other it’s false.

See, while it’s true they spent a lot of time hitting balls, all great golfers went systematically through a process of building the perfect golf swing for them, starting with the grip.  But they had to use painful trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t.   You can now do what they did to build a golf swing that hits straight and long golf shots consistently WITHOUT the painful trial and error they went through to get it.

But for this program to work for you like you want it to you need to FOCUS on it.

Another big reason why you haven’t built a great, consistent golf swing is because you haven’t focused on doing it.  Nope, you’ve gone from one thing to another and when I say focus, here’s a quote from Bruce Lee that sums up that….

[testimonial2 author=”Bruce Lee” + pic=”http://www.theconsistentgolfschool.com/pics/brucelee.jpg”]“I  fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”[/testimonial2]

See, no seriously good golfer is going to worry about playing against some golfer that goes from swing tip to swing tip, from swing method to swing method.  No great golfer is going to worry about playing against some golfer that watches a new golf instructional video every day or reads a new tip every day.   No, the great golfers fear the golfers that have mastered the grip, the setup, the take-away, the backswing, the transition, the downswing and then impact.

Because that’s what great golfers have done.

[headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#000000″]Do you want to join them?[/headline_tahoma_large_centered]

Well, if you do then you have to focus exclusively on following this step-by-step program to building a great golf swing just like a pro.  You can’t go looking for tips and advice from other golf pro’s. You’ll get screwed up if you do that.

But I promise you that when get this long game improvement program you’ll build a great golf swing and you’ll start improving from the very first lesson.


You don’t have to get worse before getting better.

Who would want to do that?!

Look, here’s some results from golfers who have been through this long game improvement program already….

[testimonial2 author=”Scott Calso, California, USA” + pic=”http://theconsistentgolfschool.com/pics/7-4shotsimproved.jpg”]“After completing this program my golf swing has vastly improved.  Playing partners are asking me what I have been doing because my swing looks a lot better and my shots are going further and a lot straighter.  I am very happy to have completed this program as I have been guilty of going from one thing to another with very little to show for it.  I am very fanatical about keeping my game stats and I can tell you that since starting and completing this program my scores are on average 7.4 lower than before I started.  The instructions I was given each week were very easy to follow and implement.  I have never seen a swing improvement program that has such high quality instruction in it.  Thanks for all your help and I look forward to improving other facets of my golf game as much, with your help.”[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author=”Victor Hansen, Texas, USA” + pic=”http://theconsistentgolfschool.com/pics/slicegone.jpg”]“Wow, I was looking at my swing on video after completing the program and the difference between the start and now is like night and day.  From the beginning I noticed improvement and it kept building as I completed each lesson.  This was exactly what I have been looking for as I lacked focus.  My slice is now gone.  My shots are now going at least 30 yards further.  My handicap has gone done from 21 to 13!  This all adds up to a much more enjoyable game. I can’t recommend this high enough.  All my buddies are sick of hearing about it LOL”[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author=”Jack Nathan, New York, USA” + pic=”http://theconsistentgolfschool.com/pics/painfree.jpg”]“From the very first lesson I started to improve my ball striking.  It didn’t happen overnight but after every new lesson I would work on a new component of my swing and my ball striking would get a little more consistent.  The cumulative effect of this has been quite remarkable.  The first (which I didn’t expect) was a more pain free golf swing.  My friends say it’s because my swing is much more simple now.  Even though I am swinging easier the ball is going a lot further.  At a guess I would say a good 20 yards further.  This certainly makes golf more fun.  The instructions in the lessons were very detailed and easy to follow.  Thank you for taking the time to put together such a wonderful way to learn a golf swing.”[/testimonial2] [headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#000000″]Are these the sort of Ball Striking results you want?[/headline_tahoma_large_centered] [content_box_yellow width=”75%”] [green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]
  • Start improving straight away
  • Something new each lesson to work on that will build on logically from the previous lesson
  • Much more distance
  • Better Accuracy
  • Greater ball striking consistency
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Build a confident golf swing that works all the time
  • Enjoy playing golf more
  • Get praise from others because of your new, much improved golf swing
  • Fix a slice if you have one
  • Groove a consistent, effortless, efficient golf swing
  • Be told exactly what you need to do to improve
  • Have people asking what you’re doing to improve your game
[/green_tick_1_list] [/content_box_yellow]

If you want golf improvement results like that, this is your lucky day because…

You can now get this entire step-by-step, long game improvement program… ALL AT ONCE!

That’s 34 lessons, over 52 videos and over 250 pictures!

Up until this point this program has only ever been able to be accessed by students of the online consistent golf school, who have paid up to $333 to go through this program.  And they were drip fed the weekly lessons over 9 months, where as now you can get all the lessons at once.

Here is the complete list of lessons you’ll have immediate access to.

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”]

Lesson 1 – To learn how to form a grip that will give you the best chance of hitting long, accurate and consistent long game shots click here.

Lesson 2 – Learning where and how to position your ball consistently is critical for your long game consistency. So to find out the where and how, click here.

Lesson 3 – To learn how to create an athletic posture position from which to hit the golf ball as long as possible click here.

Lesson 4 – Click here to see the alignment needed for not only driving, but all other long shots as well.

Lesson 5 – For your golf game to be more like a top golf pro you must create and habitualize a consistent physical pre-shot routine. And I’ve created simple step-by-step instructions to help you to do just this. So click here to get them now.

Lesson 6 – Not only do you need a physical pre-shot routine to become a great ball striker BUT you also need a mental one. So to help you create and habitualize a consistent mental pre-shot routine I’m going to show you the mental pre-shot routine I teach all of my students which you can then modify it to suit you and your personality.  To start learning this click here now.

Lesson 7 – In this lesson you’re going to learn the very important lesson of how to start the backswing using a one piece takeaway. So click here to get that lesson now.

Lesson 8 – When you take the club away with your one piece takeaway you must also move your entire body laterally to the right. So to learn how to do that click here.

Lesson 9 – To hit the golf ball as long as possible you must create a wide swing arc on your backswing. And to learn how to do that click here now.

Lesson 10 – This drill is going to help you check that you’re in the correct position when the club reaches parallel with the ground. So click here to learn about this drill.

Lesson 11 – This drill will teach you the correct movements of your body during the backswing. So click here to get this drill now.

Lesson 12 – In this lesson you’re going to start to work on the wrist cock needed during your backswing to help form a consistent, repeatable, powerful golf swing. So click here to learn about this now.

Lesson 13 – During this lesson you’re going to learn the wrist cock needed to get you to the top of your backswing primed and ready for a powerful downswing. Click here now to learn about this.

Lesson 14 – In this lesson you’re going to learn what your right leg should be doing in your backswing. This is a very important lesson as a lot of golfers muck this up and it ruins swings. So click here now to learn what you should be doing.

Lesson 15 – During this lesson you’re going to learn exactly what your right hip should be doing in your backswing. Finding this out will add a lot of potential power to your swing. Click here to discover this.

Lesson 16 – In this lesson you’re going to learn where your club should be aligned at the top of your backswing. Click here to find this out now.

Lesson 17 – In this lesson you’re going to find out exactly what I look at when I’m analyzing a golfer’s backswing. Also, you’ll find out what needs to happen in your backswing before you should move on to the transition and the downswing lessons. So click here to look at this lesson now.

Lesson 18 – This is the start of you learning to produce unbelievable power in your golf swing. And this greater power will come with much improved accuracy and directional control too. So click here to learn about the transition and get the first lesson on this crucial part of the golf swing.

Lesson 19 – In this second lesson on the transition you’re going to start to learn the very important role that the hips play in powering the downswing. Click here to find out about this now.

Lesson 20 – In this third lesson on the transition you’re going to perfect the hip movement you started learning in the last lesson. So click here to start learning this now.

Lesson 21 – In this final lesson on the transition you’re going to learn the critical role the club plays in the transition from the backswing to downswing. To find this out now click here.

Lesson 22 – This is the first of 3 parts concentrating on the very important aspect of the downswing. So click here to start improving your downswing now.

Lesson 23 – This is the second downswing lesson. And this lesson is going to give you the best exercise I’ve found for learning a late release. Click here to learn this now.

Lesson 24 – In this final lesson on the downswing you’re going to learn the critical role the right arm plays in powering the downswing. So click here to find out about this now.

Lesson 25 – Finally! You’ve reached the crucial element of the swing where we look at what happens when you hit the ball. So click here to learn about this important phase of the swing and how you’re going to improve it.

Lesson 26 – In this lesson you’re going to learn how the lower body greatly effects the impact position. And you’re going to learn two great drills to improve your hip action at impact so you can hit the ball as long as possible.  Click here to learn about this now.

Lesson 27 – In this lesson you’re going to discover what I look for when I’m analyzing a golfer’s transition, downswing and impact. This will help you to understand the critical things that should be happening at these stages in your own swing. So click here to learn this now.

Lesson 28 – This is the first of 2 parts focusing on the follow-through. So click here to start learning and improving your follow-through now.

Lesson 29 – In this lesson you’re going to learn the very important lesson of what your right and left side should be doing in the follow through. So click here to discover that now.

Lesson 30 – At last! We’ve arrived at the finish of the swing. Read this lesson to discover some critical things that should be present at the finish of your swing. Click here to find out what they are now.

Lesson 31 – Today in this lesson you’ll find out what I look at when I’m analyzing a golfer’s follow-through and finish. So look at this lesson to fully understanding what should happen during this phase of the golf swing. To do this now click here.

Lesson 32 – In this lesson you’re going to find out what you should do to improve your tempo, rhythm and timing. So click here to read this lesson now.

Lesson 33 – In this lesson you’re going to discover the secrets to turning your golf swing into a consistency machine. Click here to find out how to do that now.

Lesson 34 – In this final lesson you’ll find out how to make your golf swing automatic….with no conscious thought. Plus you’ll get a final practice plan to help you maintain all the results you’ve achieved so far. To get all of this click here now.


If you’re sick of going around in circles trying to improve your ball striking THIS is the solution you need.

Because it’s the most structured approach available anywhere for you to build a solid, reliable and consistent golf swing, that hits the ball long and straight.  And when you complete The Long Game Improvement Program, you’ll FINALLY be able to easily maintain a great, consistent golf swing.

[testimonial2 author=”Fraser Scott, Florida, USA” + pic=”http://theconsistentgolfschool.com/pics/amazingresults.jpg”]“I was getting very confused by all the instructors out there so when I saw this I jumped on it with the intention of sticking to it exclusively.  I fell off the wagon a few times but by and large I stuck to the program.  The results so far have been nothing short of amazing.  My ball striking consistency has made a dramatic improvement.  I no longer hit ground balls like I used to.  I have a great trajectory on most of my shots now.  I am confident when I swing which is a far cry from the place I was at before starting this program.  You have put together a great work here.  I am very glad I joined and stuck with it.  The best golf investment I have ever made.”[/testimonial2]

So how much is it?

Well, as I said, golfers have paid up to $333 for this program and they have taken 9 months to go through it.  But you can get this entire program straight away and work through it at your own pace.  Plus, when you get this program right now, I’m also going to give you all of these gifts:

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #1: The Problems And Solutions Database[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

When you get The Long Game Improvement Program now you’ll have full access to a BIG database that will quickly give you the solution to virtually any golfing problem you’re having.

Problem – I seem to jerk the club away instead of taking it away smoothly and this happens with all my clubs. Do you have any techniques, which will fix this?

Problem – What should my shoulders and hips be doing in my backswing so I get the most power possible?

Problem – I’m missing too many easy three footers and my confidence is diminishing with each miss. Please tell me what I can do to improve my short putting confidence?

Problem – I am lacking in feel and distance control around the greens. What can I do to improve my touch?

Problem – When I’m in between clubs I don’t know whether I should swing easier with more club or swing harder with less club. What do you think?

Valued At $97

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #2: Free Help And Support From A Golf Professional[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

Naturally the problems and solutions database is huge value. But sometimes you’ll just want to get some personal advice about your current problem. And when you get The Long Game Improvement Program now you can send me any golfing questions or problems (within 6 months of your order) and you’ll get a response back from me personally (Jeff Richmond) within 24-48 hours (generally sooner) Monday-Friday.

Valued At $50

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #3: One Free Video Lesson[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

When you get The Long Game Improvement program now you’ll get one free video lesson to redeem when you want – in the next 6 months.  So simply send me your swing on video (full instructions on what you need to do for this are in the private website) and I will analyze your swing and send you back advice and a plan on what are the main things you need to work on improving.

Valued At $50

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #4:  17 Days To A Professional Draw[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

Hitting a professional, powerful draw will not only gain you distance, but it will get you the respect of your playing partners as well. And in this program you’ll discover…

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]
  • How to grip the club to groove a draw ball flight fast.
  • How to position your front foot to encourage a draw instead of a slice.
  • The distance you need to stand from the ball to help encourage a draw.
  • The total setup needed to almost guarantee a draw ball flight.
  • The best drills to help you approach the ball from the inside.
  • The best drills to help you contact the ball with a slightly closed clubface so you’ll hit a powerful, professional looking draw.
  • How to check your equipment to make sure it encourages a draw instead of a slice.
  • Plus much, much more!

Here’s what some golfers who have been through this program have had to say:

[content_box_light_green width=”75%”]

“This program has helped me to not only fix my slice but make much more solid contact with the ball. This has added at least 10-15 yards to my shots. Also, my scoring has gone down by 5 to 7 shots. I have tried a lot of things to fix my slice but nothing has worked. So the thing I liked the best about this program is that it worked!! I am now enjoying my golf more and I am starting to win a few prizes which never happened before. Keep up the good work!”

Randy Tucker, Illinois, USA

[/content_box_light_green] [content_box_yellow width=”75%”]

“After working through this program my ball flight now is straight with a little draw at the end. This is a B-I-G improvement from my previous slice ball flight. The instructions were very easy to follow and understand. My drives are now a good 20 – 25 yards longer thanks to this program. I have tried numerous other things but this is the only thing that has worked. I’m lucky to have found it. Thanks!”

Mark Benson, North Carolina, USA

[/content_box_yellow] [content_box_light_green width=”75%”]

“This program has helped me to contact the ball consistently with a square and sometimes a closed clubface. Before starting this program I had a nice slice that used to get me in trouble. But now I am confident the ball is either going to go straight or curve to the left a little at the end getting me some much needed extra run. I enjoy playing golf more after completing this program and I return to it often for a refresher. As a result my scores are dropping week by week and that’s fun.”

Tom White, Missouri, USA


Valued At $47

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #5: 21 Yards In 21 Days[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

With this program you WILL add 21 Yards To Your Drives In 21 Days or less and here’s how that’s going to happen.

Every day of this new program you will….

…get one new drill or exercise that WILL add AT LEAST 1 – 10 yards to your drives in just 15 minutes per day.

PLUS… ALL of the drills and exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home.

These daily drills and exercises have been arranged in a specific order, so that by the end you’ll get the most LONG DRIVE bang for your buck.

Plus, to make sure you know what you should do every single day, this program comes with:

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]
  • 67 Page PDF
  • 64 Full Color Pictures
  • 36 Videos
So after just 21 days YOU WILL be hitting your drives AT LEAST 21 yards further than you are right now.

Valued At $47

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #6: 3 Easy Steps To A Professional Swing Plane[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

There’s a damn good chance that your swing plane is the exact opposite of what it should be to hit great golf shots – consistently. But now in this 3 Easy Steps To A Professional Swing Plane program you’ll discover how you can groove the swing plane of a top PGA Tour pro. Here’s what one golfer had to say after completing this program:

[content_box_yellow width=”75%”]

“I went out last weekend and played my first round of golf since getting the program and following it and I really smoked the ball. I am so happy to say I shot an 84. I typically don’t break 100!

My golf game has dramatically improved by hitting the ball much farther and with much more accuracy. The information you supplied me has changed my game completely.

I now believe that I have the swing and confidence to play in local tournament here. Thanks so much for the help.”

Chris Robertson, AZ, USA


When you’ve completed this program, you will…

  • hit the ball further (you could gain between 20-50 yards in distance)
  • hit the ball a lot straighter, and
  • you’ll hit the ball a lot more consistently.

Valued At $47

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #7: Top Secret Golfing Confidence Audio[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

When you get The Long Game Improvement Program today you’ll also be able to download FREE the digital version (i.e. you can download it to your computer) of a golfing confidence CD that has been sold for $24.95.

This audio exposes you to a secret mental technique that some of the top professional golfers in the world have used to automatically program their minds for golfing success. After 30 days of continuous listening to this audio this is what you can expect….

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]
  • Improved confidence and concentration on the golf course.
  • Makes golf easier and more fun.
  • Helps to eliminate fear when playing any shot.
  • It will save you practice time because you can have the audio playing in the background and be doing what you normally would, while your golf game is being improved!

This audio has been sold as a CD for $24.95 and has been used by thousands of golfers all around the world. But this digital audio (2 mp3′s) is yours FREEwhen you get The Long Game Improvement program now. And here’s just one comment from a golfer who has listened to this audio…

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]

“My handicap has slipped out from a 12 to a 18 over the last 6 months or so. It was all a mental thing. I started listening to this audio and my old confidence started coming back as if by magic. Within a couple of months of having this audio playing my golf game has improved so much I’m back to where I was 6 months ago. I can’t believe it! When you hear people say that golf is 90% mental they’re right!”

Ted Baxter, California, USA


Valued At $24.95

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #8: The Short Game Report: What You Need To Focus On To Up And Down It Much More Often[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

Iin this report you’ll learn every major thing that you need to focus on improving so you can up and down it much more often. For example, in this report you’ll discover…

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]
  • The 3 things you need to have a great short game.
  • What the very first thing is you need to focus on to master the short game.
  • Where you should grip the club for chip and pitch shots for more short game success.
  • Two things that should be present at the end of each short game swing to help ensure a great shot.
  • The simple setup changes you must make to play successful bunker shots.
  • Plus, much, much more!

Valued At $27

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #9: The One-Putt Mindset Training Module[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

When you get The Long Game Improvement Program today, you’ll also receive a special, 9 minute, mental training session designed to give you the One-Putt Mindset. And you can do this mental training session right at your computer.

When you use this training module you’ll be programming your mind to hole your first putt, which naturally will help you to lower your scores. Plus when you use this training module you’ll discover it’s the easiest thing you’ve ever done to improve your putting….because you can do it with your eyes closed!

Valued At $14.95

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #10: Hitting The Driver Made Easy[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

It’s no secret that most golfers struggle to get full benefit out of the longest and most powerful golf club in their bag. But hitting the driver consistently long and straight is not as hard as you may think. Especially when you join now and get this new ebook called “Hitting The Driver Made Easy”. Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover in this ebook:

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]
  • The most important aspect of a driver that will affect your performance. (see page 4)
  • How to choose the correct loft for a driver that will help you to get maximum distance for your swing speed. (see pages 6 & 7)
  • What specifically you should do when teeing the ball up to massively increase your chances of a great drive. (see page 9 for this)
  • The grip you should use for long, booming drives. (see pages 10 & 11 for full details on this)
  • What you should be doing when taking the club away to guarantee longer and straighter drives (see pages 15 & 16)

Here’s what a golfer had to say after reading and applying this information…

[content_box_yellow width=”75%”]

“My driver was causing me fits so I quickly read this book upon joining. After applying just one of the suggestions in this book my driving improved dramatically. I picked up a good 10 yards and my drives are so much straighter now. Thanks!”

Don Bright, Texas, USA


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[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #11:  How To Get Out Of Bunkers First Time Every Time And…Close To The Hole![/headline_tahoma_small_left]

If you struggle to get the ball out of bunkers and close to the hole then this ebook is quickly going to become a favourite with you. When you read this ebook you’re going to discover exactly what you need to do so you can become a great bunker player. Here’s what one student of mine had to say after reading and applying the instructions in this ebook:

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“I used to be scared when I saw my ball in a bunker but after reading this book and practicing the instructions in it my confidence out of bunkers has increased 10 fold. I can now get out of bunkers every single time without any problems whereas before I was lucky to get the ball out of the bunker on the first try. Now whenever I see my ball in the bunker I’m not afraid about what will happen. In fact, I actually now enjoy the challenge of trying to get my bunker shots close to the hole. The last time I played I got a 20 yard bunker shot to within 3 feet of the cup! The help in this book has made me enjoy playing golf a lot more. Thank you!”

Jeff Bryant, Texas, USA


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[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #12: The Long Game Report: What You Need To Focus On To Become A Consistent Ball Striker[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

In this report you’ll find out everything you need to focus on to become a consistent ball striker and it’s all backed up with proof from PGA Tour players. After reading this report you’ll discover…

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]
  • Where you need to position the ball to become a consistent ball striker.
  • What you must do in the backswing to hit the golf ball as long as possible.
  • The real power side in your golf swing.
  • What exactly should happen in your swing during the transition, downswing and at impact.
  • One thing that happens in the follow-through that should not happen at any other point in your swing.
  • Why trying to swing with rhythm and timing is wrong.
  • The important aspects of equipment and what to check and adjust specifically to fit you.
  • Plus, much, much more!

Valued At $27

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #13: Short Game Secrets – How To Get It Up-And-Down Consistently[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

If you want to get up and down more, whether you’re chipping, pitching or playing a bunker shot then you’re going to love this ebook. Because in it you’re going to discover….

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  • How to keep your wrists firm as you’re chipping.
  • One of the best ways to improve your chipping accuracy.
  • How to hit your pitch shots the exact distance you want them to go.
  • The best drill to help you hit the ball first when pitching and chipping.
  • The biggest reason golfers struggle out of bunkers, along with the best solution.
  • Plus much, much more.

Read what this golfer had to say about this ebook:

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“I used to stub my chips all the time and I have tried a lot of different tips and drills without any solution. But when I tried your drills that I’ve never seen before I was cured! This has taken off at least 5 shots per round from my scores because I would always stub about that many every game. Not any longer! I’m actually enjoying chipping now!”

Jeff Cook, California, USA


Valued At $19.95

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #14: The Putting Game Report: What To Focus On To Become A Great Putter[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

In this report you’ll find out everything you need to focus on to become a great putter. After reading this report you’ll discover…

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]
  • The putting success formula.
  • The very first thing you need to focus on to become a great putter.
  • What the two most important aspects of any putter you choose are.
  • What you must do with your grip to improve your consistency.
  • What you must do when you’re walking up to the ball to help you hole more putts.
  • The only place where you should practice your putting mechanics.
  • Why all putting strokes should take the same amount of time — regardless of the length of putt.
  • The first thing you should do to improve your green reading.
  • Plus much, much more.

Valued At $27

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #15: How To Stop 3 Putting[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

There’s no doubt about it….3 putting is one of the most frustrating parts of golf because every time you do it you’ve wasted at least one shot.

Just imagine if you stopped 3 putting. How many shots will you save when you do that?

Well, in this ebook you’re going to learn…

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]
  • The crucial things you need to work on to stop 3 putting for good.
  • How to improve your lag putting.
  • How to hole more short putts with confidence.
  • How to read greens like a book.
  • The simple technique to predict how fast (or slow) a putt will be.
  • Plus much, much more!
[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]

“Every game I would have 5 – 6 three putts. It was killing me! I tried a lot of things to fix this without success. I read this report with a lot of skepticism but I tried some of the suggestions out of desperation. Before long my 3 putts started getting less and just yesterday I had a round without a 3 putt. I am over the moon! Thanks for putting this report together. The advice was simple, to the point and most importantly….worked!!!!”

John Baker, Oregon, USA


Valued At $19.95

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #16: How To Take Your Practice Game To The Course[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

If you can play great golf shots when you’re practicing but struggle to take it to the golf course then this book is going to be a great asset for you, because when you read it you’ll find out….

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]
  • What you must do the night before a game of golf to give yourself the best chance of success.
  • The 2 important things you should do as you’re driving to the golf course to almost guarantee a good round.
  • A checklist of what to do before and during the first tee shot to help you get off the first tee successfully.
  • 9 things you can do between your shots to help take shots off your scores.
  • The 6 things you should do after each game to help improve the next time you play.
  • Plus tons more!
[content_box_yellow width=”75%”]

“I would always hit it great on the range but on the course it all went wrong. It was very disappointing to know I could hit it so good but not on the golf course. I was searching for a solution when I received this book as being a student. I diligently applied a lot of the suggestions and almost immediately my range form arrived on the golf course. This has been a life saver for me!”

Jim Burt, Florida, USA


Valued At $29.95

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #17: How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self-Hypnosis[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

If you’ve been frustrated by not being able to repeat your great golf shots then you’ve got to read this eBook. Because when you do you’ll discover…

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]
  • How to be focused yet relaxed at the same time when you’re swinging.
  • How fears like missing a putt can be kept in control.
  • How to conquer conscious fear when you’re faced with tough shots. How to swing automatically with your subconscious mind.
  • How you’ve used self-hypnosis almost every day without even knowing it! And how to use it to improve your golf game quickly and easily.
  • Plus tons more!

Valued At $29.95

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#990000″]Free Gift #18: Anger Management MP3[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

We all suffer with anger on the golf course from time to time and some golfers more than others. 🙂 Either way, you need to know how to manage your anger so it doesn’t ruin your golf game.

And this bonus will help you do exactly that by programming your mind to handle anger in the best way possible so you score lower than you would have otherwise. I recommend that you listen to it once a day for at least 14 days, and then monitor your results on the course.

Valued At $19.95

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