How To Take The Golf Grip Out Of Play

[headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#000000″]How To Take The Golf Grip Out Of Play[/headline_tahoma_large_centered]

There’s no doubt about it… the golf grip is incredibly important to playing good golf. Here’s some quotes from some of the greatest golfers that have ever lived, talking about the golf grip.

[testimonial2 author=”Jack Nicklaus” + pic=””]The grip is the most important thing in the game of golf.”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Ben Hogan” + pic=””]”Good golf begins with a good grip” [/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Tiger Woods” + pic=””]“If your grip is sound, you don’t have to think about your hands at all during the swing. You’re free to concentrate on the other aspects of good ball striking.”[/testimonial2]

So if you want to play the best golf you can then you need to have a consistent, well formed grip. Because when you do it will help you to bring the club back square into the ball, so you hit straight golf shots. And it will also help you to swing powerfully through the ball so you hit nice long shots. So we can all agree that a good golf grip is vital to your golf game. But I believe you need to take the golf grip out of play. And in this video I’m going to explain why and show you how to do that.


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