Consistent Golf Affiliate Program – Step 2 of 2

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The software we’re using to handle all of our affiliate program tracking is called Zaxaa. You may have never heard of it before, so here’s a bit of background on why we chose it.

“Why Zaxaa?”

  1. Because of the features that we needed in our business that the rest don’t have.

Does the checkout process work flawlessly? Yes.

Do tracking, reports and sub IDs work flawlessly? Yes

We tested it all and it all works perfectly! You’re in trusted/tested hands with Zaxaa. And getting your affiliate link is one really easy and straightforward step.

  1. We wanted an InfusionSoft- like platform with all the features they have and as reliable… but easy to use, user friendly, with a clean looking dashboard and less pricey. Zaxaa is the answer to all this.
  2. LIFETIME COMMISSIONS on all our products. You get paid on all future purchases.
  3. ONE CLICK UPSELLS. Massive Reason!
  4. NO fee per transaction on top of the paypal fees.
  5. Super easy to set it all up, non confusing and very clean looking – intuitive dashboard.
  6. Powerful reports that are a MUST HAVE: Lifetime Customer Value, Retention Metrics, etc…
  7. The ability to take their system and put it on OUR domain to brand our own business. Customize our own checkout pages and embed their payment forms for COMPLETE CONTROL. This is something we wanted badly and only Zaxaa has been able to fulfill in a non-complicated way.

A big benefit of our program is the lifetime commissions. Because I’ll be honest, you’re going to have to give away a lot of the 15 Minutes To A Perfect Golf Swing program to make good money on the front end.  So the backend and future sales is crucial for both of our success. So…

Q. How are “lifetime affiliate cookies” handled? Are they hard-coded? Is it last-in or first-in?

A. The Zaxaa mechanism which performs the lifetime affiliate commission is mainly using cookies and customer purchase history in a database. When customers purchase, Zaxaa firstly checks the browser cookies. If it can’t find the affiliate cookies then Zaxaa will search customer purchase history through the database.  The last affiliate that refers this customer will get credited in this transaction. So it is not possible to by pass this affiliate mechanism, EVEN if the customer clears his cache or cookies. It does mean that leads affiliates ARE hard-coded.

To promote the 15 Minutes To The Perfect Golf Swing program you have to belong to Zaxaa. And if you’re already a Zaxaa member then you can simply request to join our program. Otherwise you will need to join up with Zaxaa and then request to join our program.  Both options are free.  So to get the affiliate tools to promote this, simply click this button: get-your-affiliate-links If you have any questions about this please email me directly:

And if you have any suggestions on how this program could be improved, or you have ideas on how we could both make more money together, please contact me.

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Jeff Richmond
Director of Instruction
Consistent Golf