Pitching Consistency Tip

There’s almost nothing worse than “flubbing” a pitch shot. And often when we practice our pitching we are trying to hit one good shot after another. We’re searching for consistency in other words. But so much of golf improvement is counter-intuitive, and this new tip today definitely is… However, ironically, if you do it you…

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How To Shape Shots For Increased Consistency

If you have a 4 iron approach shot into the green and you have no idea which way the ball is going to curve, then it’s just a crap shoot. But if you have a 4 iron into the green and you’re 99% certain that the ball is going to curve right to left, then…

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Golf Pitching Consistency Drill

You would think that a pitch shot would be easier for golfers because of the shorter swing required. But sadly, most amateur golfers hit worse pitch shots than they do full shots. It doesn’t need to be like that and I’m going to explain why this is often the case, and what you can do…

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"Which One of These 7 Shortcuts Will Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking?"