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The Perfect Compliment To The Stress-Free Golf Swing - Ben Hogan's Swing Plane

Ben Hogan is well known as having an almost perfect one plane golf swing.  And naturally doing that helped him to have amazing ball striking consistency.  I don't cover the swing plane in The Stress-Free Golf Swing because it's too big a topic.  But I do have a complete step-by-step program that will help you to have a great, consistent swing plane like Ben Hogan.  To find out more about that simply go here.

To download ALL the videos for The Stress-Free Golf Swing Click Here.

The Arms-Folded At Home Drill

How To Implement The Hogan Secret Body Move With Your Arms

Now on Page 48 in The Stress-Free Golf Swing PDF I tell you how to implement the Hogan secret body move with your arms.  Here is a video that gives you more instructions on how to do this.  But remember, you need to place something touching your left hip at setup so at the end of your backswing you get your left hip back to touching the reference object.  And also remember you need to keep your upper arms connected to your chest and your arms close together.  This can be done at home as long as you have room enough to swing a golf club.

To download all the videos for The Stress-Free Golf Swing Click Here.

How To Start The Downswing

Here is a video from Ben Hogan himself giving you a lesson on how to start the downswing.  Naturally he doesn't give away "the secret" I reveal in The Stress-Free Golf Swing but he does explain in good detail how to start the downswing with the lower body and shows the right elbow attaching to his side in the downswing.

Also, at the end of the video you see Ben Hogan swinging the golf club.  It's the best video of Ben Hogan's swing there is.  Study it and work on improving your downswing by using your lower body just like Ben say's and your ball striking will improve a lot!  Just remember however to combine what Ben say's here with "the secret" move...

Here is a closeup of Mark Crossfields swing where you can clearly see how the right elbow connects to the side in the downswing, just like Hogan showed in the video above.

The Secret Move In Action

Watch Ben Hogan perform the secret move over and over again.  This is the best, most clearest video of Ben Hogan's swing.  I suggest you watch this video over and over again to see how Ben performs the secret move with great rhythm and balance and over time by watching this video you'll program yourself to perform this move with more grace.

To download all the videos for The Stress-Free Golf Swing Click Here.

The Ben Hogan Lag Drill

Here is the Ben Hogan lag drill I referenced in The Stress-Free Golf Swing.


This drill is from the 21 Yards in 21 Days program.  You can find out about that here.  To download this drill video click here.

Wall Drill

You should do Ben Hogan's secret hip move with the wall drill.  Here is a video showing you the wall drill.  You just need to do this drill combined with having something on your left hip to reference where you need to get back to at the top of your backswing.


Ben Hogan's Slow Motion Practice

You can skip to 4.54 to watch Hogan showing how he used to practice in slow motion.  But before that you can see Hogan hitting some drives into the ocean which is pretty cool as his swing looks as great as ever.

Ben Hogan's Waggle

Watch what he is doing with his right elbow as he waggles.

Ben Hogan's 21/7 Swing Tempo

This video shows Ben Hogan swinging with the 21/7 tour tempo swing.

What Drives The Stress-Free Golf Swing?

The Stress-Free Golf Swing is mainly driven by the hips.  And if you have tight hips from sitting a lot then it will greatly help you to stretch your hips to get maximum effectiveness from this system. In the Stress-Free PDF I have included a link to a lot of stretching videos but here's one below that you should try and do every day to get the most benefit out of this program.

The Stress-Free Golf Swing Video Critique Service

The one move in The Stress-Free Golf Swing is a very easy move to understand and do.  But I have seen golfers do a move like this and get it completely wrong.  And if you get it completely wrong you'll get some very bad golf shots.  Often 'feel' and 'real' in the golf swing are two completely different things.  Now because I want you to succeed with this new golf swing so...

1) you improve your ball striking a lot and shoot lower scores, and

2) I get a great testimonial to show other golfers what is possible with this golf swing

....I am going to offer you the chance to get me to personally critique a video of you performing this golf swing while hitting golf balls.

I believe that within 3 video critiques you'll have this move down perfectly.  Normally I charge $50 per video critique.  But like I said, because I want you to succeed with this I'm giving you the chance to get 3 video critiques from me for just $50 -- that's a $100 saving!

To order these critiques simply click 'Add To Cart' button below and place your order.  Then when you're ready, send me a video of your swing and I'll get back to you within 48 hours (weekdays) on how you're getting on, and what you need to do to improve.  In your first email to get your video critique put this in the subject: "Stress-Free Video Critique #1" and we'll go from there.

Stress-Free Golf Swing - Video Critique Service

The Stress-Free Golf Swing Setup Bonus Videos

To download all the videos for the setup Click Here.

These bonus videos below are originally from the 15 Minutes To The Perfect Golf Swing program.  That program would be a perfect compliment to The Stress-Free Golf swing and will help you to perfect this one move much faster and with less effort. To find out more about the 15 Minutes To The Perfect Golf Swing program simply go here.

Lesson 1 Video

Lesson 2 Video

Lesson 3 Video

Lesson 4 Video

Lesson 5 Video

Lesson 6 Video

Lesson 7 Video

Lesson 8 Video

Lesson 9 Video

Lesson 10 Video