Perfect Golf Swing – Sleep Programming Addition

The Perfect Golf Swing – Advanced Version… 

First, congratulations on taking action to improve your golf swing. You’ve proven that you’re serious about hitting longer, straighter and more consistent golf shots by using The Perfect Golf Swing Method.

As you know, the audio that you get as part of this program is best listened to just before you go to sleep.   However I don’t suggest you listen to this when you’re so tired that you will simply fall asleep.  You will not get any benefits from doing that.  You need to be active and awake in the 15 minutes that you’ll be grooving the perfect golf swing for you.

And as you know, at the end of the audio you are instructed to either stay awake if that’s what you want to do, or fall asleep if that’s what you want to do.  I have those instructions because you may want to listen to this audio during the day.  But as I said, I suggest you listen to it in bed before going to sleep.

If you do that like I suggest I have something further that you may want to try.

It’s an upgraded version of the audio that comes with The Perfect Swing program.  On this upgraded audio, at the end it has suggestions and mental techniques to actually help you sleep.  So you don’t have the option of staying awake.

But it doesn’t stop there, because after you’re asleep there are instructions to help you improve your ball striking.

Yes, as you sleep you’ll be constantly, audibly (and subliminally) fed the following statements over and over again:

“Every day, in every way, your golf swing is getting better and better. You consistently hit the ball out of the center of the clubface. Because your golf swing is improving, you are hitting longer, straighter and more consistent golf shots than you ever have before. Your golf swing now has great rhythm and tempo.   You have great control over the clubface when you’re swinging, so that through impact you consistently swing with a straight path and contact the ball with a square clubface. You are a great ball striker. You make the golf swing look easy. Your golf swing is smooth, powerful and rhythmical.”

Just imagine if those suggestions became your reality…. if you actually believed them 100%…. would your ball striking improve?

Naturally it would.

All of this, while you’re asleep.

Quite simply, this is the easiest way for you to improve your golf game.

Your mind is relaxed and open to receive suggestions.  So why not put some great ones in?

This upgraded audio will not be for everyone…. which is why I don’t offer it with the normal package.  But I thought I would give you the opportunity now to get it at a discounted price just in case you find you want to try it.

You can most certainly purchase this at a later date.  And you’ll be able to pick this up for just $29.95.  But for this one time only, you can get this upgraded sleep programming audio for just $19.95.   By getting this now you’ll be saving yourself $10 and have the choice whether you use it or not, because you’ll have the original audio as well.

I personally listen to both of them.  And if you order this now, I will tell you about the best headphones I’ve found to use when you’re sleeping.  They are headphones that won’t fall out and you can lie on your side.

So to take advantage of this one time special price, simply click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below to get the upgraded sleep programming audio for this Perfect Golf Swing program.

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