Video To Fix Your Bogey Golf Hole

As a golfer I’m sure you’ve experienced a hole or two that you always seem to struggle on.  And sometimes these holes can be what is considered the easiest holes on the golf course!

Well, I have a video for you today that explains a technique to get rid of your bogey hole so it will not have any negative affect over you any longer. To watch this video simply click the play button on the video below:

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  1. Kirk Franklin

    Thanks for that. Some more great advice again and I am greatly enjoying the great advice you are sending but I am getting quite frustrated with all of this talk about the consistent golf system when I can’t seem to find a link to purchase it. How does one go about getting it?

  2. Stan

    I have one hole on my course that bugs the heck of me. I will use this technique to hopefully fix it. Thanks!

  3. cho we

    thanks for video. i will try this.

  4. dave

    What is meant to be the easiest hole on our course is in fact the hardest for me. I will use this tactic to hopefully fix that. Fingers crossed it works!

  5. tom h

    i see this all the time in tournaments were a golfer will play a hole bad all tournament. the commentators often say the hole sets up bad for the golfer etc., etc. that is a load of rubbish. it’s all mental. thanks for this tip. i have a hole that gives me a headache most times and i know it’s mental because i get nervous before playing it and it’s the 7th hole so i am well and truly warmed up. i look forward to the release of your consistent golf system. i like what you have to say on golf improvement. it makes sense to me unlike a lot of other rubbish out there.

  6. kerry

    Thanks! I needed this!

  7. Max

    Sounds a bit crazy but I’ll give it a try because one hole is driving me crazy!

  8. Jack

    I don’t really have a bad hole but I have a bad shot. Can I use this technique on my bad shot?

  9. Stan

    Just had to come back and report that this technique works!!! It really does! I had a bad hole at my course that I would always bogey or double bogey but yesterday I played and I got a birdie on this hole. I can’t believe it!! I want to kiss you Jeff!!!

  10. Indy

    Sounds like great advice. I will try it.

  11. jacob

    i have a hole that i really stuggle on. i hope this is the cure because it is very embarrassing for me playing this hole.

  12. Mark Peterson

    Love the tips. Keep em coming BUT when and how can I get a consistent golf system?

  13. Don Cox

    Sounds interesting, I will try.
    Thanks for the tip.

  14. di lofthouse

    Nearly always end up in the lake when I play this hole – will definitely try this

  15. rod

    Time will tell!

  16. Len Nourse

    Thanks I’ll try that – but I have 3 bogy holes – 3 par 3s. I’ll let you l know in a months time

  17. James Rich

    Can’t wait to get started I think it will work, THANKS.

  18. alan waldron

    I have a short water hole on the 7th which attracts my ball like a magnet! Will try this for a month

  19. Allan

    Hi. It is an interesting learning technique. I believe some of the olympic shooting skiing cross country teams use this technique (PS They would be exhausted if they practised reality). Two south Australian league football teams, Port Adelaide and Sturt, used a similar technique for 6 straight premierships each. Australian Championship archers have used this technique for many years and shoot arrows in their visions … the research showed that they scored the same in the championships as those who practiced all day every day.

    Worth a try

  20. JOE


  21. Harry Wigder

    Sounds like a mental image and a visualization “trick’ that, if I put it into action, should work.

    Thank you

  22. Jerry Hunter

    good NLP, It should work. Thanks

  23. marco palos

    this is crazy, like you said in the video, but I’m going to try it and see if it works, thanks

  24. alan rothbart

    jeff. On my courrse in flagstaff , az there are 4 holes over water that I usually take double to triple bogey & destroy my confidence. I tighten up & make a short inefective swing & hit it into the hszzard. I have been unable to over come this no matter what I try.

  25. Robert Butler

    Hi Jeff, no particular bogey hole – they all are at one time or another but I’ll try it on oneand see what happens

  26. gene

    Great idea! I have “a bunch” of these ‘special’ holes to work on.Thanks for the Mental Maylox!

  27. carol ocallaghan

    Amazing !!!!!!!!

  28. Sam

    I’m going to try the crazy music technique next time out!

  29. Vera

    I think it’s a great Idea – it will be so much nicer to laugh instead of cry!! I’ll let you know how I get on.

  30. Neri

    Sounds weird…but I’m willing to try it!
    (I’ll try anyrhing at this stage to improve my score on this hole,(the 10 at Gavea Golf Club in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

  31. rusly nasution

    great advice , will put into practical immediately………..hope its work.

  32. Wilhelmina Wurlod

    Sounds weird, but I will try it!

  33. Bill Mahan

    Sounds crazy but I’m going to try it out. I’m tired of getting double bogey’s on the easy holes at my home course!

  34. Mark

    This is great info Jeff. One hole on my local track get’s me every time. I am going to give this a go. What’s to lose! Cheers.

  35. John Watson

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll give it a try.

  36. Don Balderson

    Very Good Will Try

  37. George Maurice

    Yep. Sounds weird but also sensible. Will give it a try. I have the perfect hole to envision

  38. Lisa Boltze

    Gonna try!!Thanks sounds fun!

  39. John McIntyre

    Sounds good but I have about 13 bogey holes in an 18 hole round!!

  40. It’s crazy to green
    N like this one

  41. Kk Mathew

    Great tip. 👌

  42. Jeff, You are unique!!!

  43. for some reason the video won’t open, it gust keeping in the attempt to load I have enjoyed, other tips you have made.The putter where you missed the holes, and not watching the ball. Great info.

  44. Tom

    Sounds weird but will give it a try!

  45. Johnny

    I will try tonight when I go to bed. I won’t playing golf for a while there is about six inches of snow on the ground.But I will give it a try when I can get out playing.Thanks for the infor.