Improve Putting Distance Control By Doing This

I bet you’ve never done this before with your putting…. The next time you’re practicing putting, count how many seconds your ball takes to reach the hole. Why would you want to do that? Very simply, it will help with improving your distance control when you’re putting and you’ll 3 putt less. Here’s how this…

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Better Chip Shots With This Quick And Easy Short Game Tip

Chipping is simple. OR… At least it should be! The amount of golfers that struggle with chipping is staggering. In my opinion, the main reason has nothing to do with technique per se, but tempo. Most golfers that are poor chippers have poor tempo. They have stabby strokes. So if your chipping could do with…

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Improve Your Short Game Like A Pro

If you struggle with your short game, I have a simple tip for you today that should help you. Now when you watch most PGA tour pro’s have a short game shot, there’s no doubt about it, they play very slowly. I’m in no way advocating you play your short game shots as slowly as…

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Golf Tip – Improve Your Golf Swing Tempo

Golf Tip Question The tempo in my golf swing is off at the moment. What can I do to get it back fast? Golf Tip Answer The start of your swing is critical in determining the overall tempo of your swing. And when you start your backswing you should do so in a smooth, one-piece…

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How To Improve Your Chipping Accuracy

When you watch a pro golfer chipping, they invariably come close to holing the chip shot. But when you watch an amateur golfer chip, they often miss the pin by a long way. So in this article I’m going to give you some advice to improve your chipping accuracy. Now the first thing you must…

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"Which One of These 7 Shortcuts Will Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking?"