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Here's just a couple of results golfers have achieved with The Consistent Golf System...

“I have just finished Day 45 of the plan. I must say that the way you’ve laid everything out makes it extremely easy to follow and implement. This complete system will give me the ability to play to my potential consistently and I have never seen such a program like this before. It’s what I’ve been searching for so long. When I started I was averaging 92.4 but now I’m averaging 85.2. I have a clear plan and I know I will succeed much more by following it. This is the secret to consistent golf that I have been looking for. Thanks Jeff!”

W Moore, Texas, USA

“I have heard so many times that you should play one shot at a time but no one has shown me how to do it. This system has changed all of that. After 50 days of putting the plan in this system into practice my golf game has improved dramatically. For example, I was on 19 when I started and I’m now on 14. I used to 3 putt at least once every game but I haven’t had one single 3 putt since starting to use this system! My chipping has also made a big improvement as well as my entire golf game including accuracy off the tee. I am for once confident on the golf course. The 7 mental secrets in this system are the right way to go if you want to become a consistent golfer. I firmly believe that.”

C Martin, Utah, USA

Here's just a few of the benefits you'll receive when you get The Consistent Golf System now...

  • How to master the pre-shot routine and stay “in the moment” on every golf shot (this alone can easily save you 3-5 shots per round).

  • How to hit solid shots on a consistent basis without all of the headtrash and unnecessary swing thoughts clogging up your brain.

  • A few simple tweaks you can make to your golf swing that will help you hit crisp, solid iron shots without having to practice for hours (takes 15 minutes to implement).

  • The four things you must do before you will ever have a consistent, repeatable and reliable swing.

  • The secret to playing every golf shot with full confidence…without fear, anxiety, or any insecurities.

  • The seldom discussed mental techniques of Jack and Tiger that have propelled them to 18 and 15 majors respectively.

  • My method for avoiding disaster when you’re heading for your best score ever (no more triple bogeys on 17)!

  • My “on the course diagnostic techniques” that will show you how to fix your swing on the course, so when your round starts going south, you can fix it immediately!
  • My one drill for hitting your driver (and every other club for that matter) in the middle of the clubface so that you experience that “sweet feeling” of a well struck shot more often!
  • And so much more…

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