Stress-Free Golf Swing

Ben Hogan’s REAL Golf Swing Secret That He Took To His Grave Is Finally Discovered -- And It's Unlike Anything You've EVER Seen Before...


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This 1 Secret, Dead Simple Move Is So Powerful And Easy To Learn You'll Start Hitting Powerful, Accurate, Flush Golf Shots In Minutes - Even If You Only Play Once A Week And Hate Practicing On The Range

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"This one move has totally transformed my ball striking. I was a very inconsistent ball striker before this move but now my ball striking has improved dramatically. As a result my handicap has come down by 3 points and I'm enjoying golf so much more now."

Bob Thornton

Florida, USA

3 Easy Steps to a Professional Swing Plane

The Swing Plane IS the Secret As To Why Professional Golfers Run Circles Around Amateur Golfers and Consistently Hit More Crisp, Consistent, Accurate Golf Shots... Even When They Aren’t Playing Their Best!


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With this program you WILL groove a professional swing plane in 3 easy steps, helping you to hit the ball longer, straighter, and more consistently.

"I used to have the shortest drive in our foursome. The only time I could out drive them was when they hit a really poor drive and I just happen to hit a really good one. As the weeks passed, my buddies noticed that I was getting "longer".  And you know what? I now out drive all of them at least 50% of the time even when they hit a good drive. My buddies were all surprised and even predicted that it won't be long before I really out drive them. They're already panicking. I'm not stopping here. I'm continuing your program. Your frequent tips also helped me a lot. Thanks again. I'm a fan of yours."

Andy Pages


15 Minutes To The Perfect Golf Swing


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This Program Allows You To Join My List Of Students Who Have Grooved Tour Caliber Golf Swings In Just 15 Minutes!

Look, to get different results with your ball striking you must change your golf swing and this program has the shortcut to do it!

"This system has for the first time allowed me to hit a draw. I've never in my life hit a draw before. As a result my drives have gone from averaging about 220 yards to over 250 yards! This is the best system I have ever seen to fix a slice. Not a lot of technical instructions and lot's of pictures so I knew exactly what I should be doing. Just do this, do that and you'll fix your problem. Worked for me and I can't see why it wouldn't work for any other golfer with a slice."

Stu Sanderson


1 Secret To A Great Short Game


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This One Secret “Short Game Discovery” Will Have You Hitting It "Inside the Leather" and Getting The Ball Up and Down from Just About Anywhere.... Even If Your Short Game Stinks Right Now

"My short game was terrible before starting this program. I felt like an idiot every time I would fat a shot hardly getting the ball out of my shadow. So I was desperate for a solution and that's why I tried this program. I am so happy to tell you that not only did it turn things around but now my short game has gone from being the worst part of my golf game to the best! I had tried so many things to fix my short game but nothing worked until I found this. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have helped me to have something I never thought possible... a great short game!"

Mark Dunston

California, USA

5 Minutes To Great Putting

"Give Me 5 Minutes and I’ll Show You How to Stand Over Every
Putt Knowing You’ll Hole it Or Lag it Close… Every. Single. Time."


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When You Follow This Program You'll Make Those Knee-Knocker 3 Footers With Ease, Eliminate 3 Putting For Good, And Slash 7 Strokes From Your Scores

"My confidence level has skyrocketed. Knowing I can make the putt and just putt. I believe I can make every putt I take. I attribute this to confidence and frame of mind I use to worry will I miss this putt. Now I think about the ball going in the cup I have felt more relaxed and in tune with my inner self. Being relaxed while playing golf does wonders for the game. My putting has improved so much. I feel confident and know that I can make any putt. My stroke no longer has the yips, it's a nice smooth swing."

Richard Medica

Connecticut, USA

Mental Golf Mastery

Unlock The Pro's Secrets To The Mental Game and Learn How To Train Your Mind For Maximum Performance On The Course...


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This program teaches you how to train your brain so that playing “one shot at a time” is automatic... just like riding a bike. You don’t have to think about it... it just happens as a result of the right mental processes you'll learn in this unique program.

"I used to play great when I would practice and in casual games. But put me in a tournament and I would play terribly. I would be at least 10 shots worse in tournaments. Obviously, this was all mental so I went looking for solutions and tried a few things without much success. Then I saw this program and tried it but I was skeptical about the outcome. But I am pleased to report that after following the techniques and exercises I can now play as well, if not better in tournaments. This is amazing to me. Thanks so much. I am in debt to you."

Grant Hodgson

New York, USA

Golf Swing Speed Challenge


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This program has a Scientifically Proven Method for Crushing the Golf Ball Further with Less Effort & Without Hurting Yourself!

If you want to improve your golf swing speed fast... this is the best program to help you do that!

"My name is Larry Olson, I will be 71 years old in April. I subscribed to your swing speed challenge and started it on January 10 and I was very faithful in doing the exercises daily. My starting swing speeds were in the lower 80s. On Feb. 28th my average normal driver swing speeds were 100.8 mph. I am extremely happy with the program."

Larry Olson

Florida, USA

21 Yards In 21 Days


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Get this Step-by-Step, Proven Formula My Students are using to Add 21 Yards in 21 Days To Their Drives.

And The Best Part? You Can Do it Right from Your Living Room, Office or "Man Cave" in Just 15 Minutes a Day

"This plan for longer drives was very logical and well thought out. As a result from following the suggestions contained I have picked up 20 yards in extra distance. I have not implemented all the suggestions to date so hope to pick up a further 10 yards when I do. I cannot recommend this plan high enough. It was the distance breakthrough that I have been looking for. Thank you."

Grant Meyer

New York, USA

Pro Draw System


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This Simple, Step-by-Step System Will Show You How to Hit a High, Penetrating Draw that'll Add 17 - 27 Yards To Your Tee Shots and leave Your Buddies Speechless...

And The Best Part Is... All I need is 15 minutes of your time for 17 days.

"After working through this program my ball flight now is straight with a little draw at the end. This is a B-I-G improvement from my previous slice ball flight. The instructions were very easy to follow and understand. My drives are now a good 20-25 yards longer thanks to this program. I have tried numerous other things but this is the only thing that has worked. I'm lucky to have found it. Thanks!"

Mark Benson

North Carolina, USA

The Long Game Mastery Program


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This program teaches you how to Build an Effortless, Powerful, Silky Smooth Golf Swing that Will Improve Your Ball-Striking, Lower Your Scores and Leave Your Playing Partners Speechless

"From the very first lesson I started to improve my ball striking. It didn't happen overnight but after every new lesson I would work on a new component of my swing and my ball striking would get a little more consistent. The cumulative effect of this has been quite remarkable. The first (which I didn't expect) was a more pain free golf swing. My friends say it's because my swing is much more simple now. Even though I am swinging easier the ball is going a lot further. At a guess I would say a good 20 yards further. This certainly makes golf more fun. The instructions in the lessons were very detailed and easy to follow. Thank you for taking the time to put together such a wonderful way to learn a golf swing."

Jack Nathan

New York, USA

Fresh Start Putting


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Sick & Tired of Being Embarrassed On The Putting Green?

Use This Fresh Start Putting Program To Become A Great Putter And Prove Everyone Wrong About Your Putting

"My mates gave me a lot of stick for being a crap putter so I jumped at the chance to try Jeff's new putting program. AFter a couple of months on the program it's a night and day difference to last year. There were no gimmes for me last year but now my mates have almost given up. 2 -3 footers are easy now and they've just about given in. Mumbled "that's good" are now a common occurance!!! I've only had about 8 games in 2019 but I worked out the difference between those 8 games and the last 8 in 2018. I was averaging 96.7 at the end of 2018. Now it's 91.2. That's over 5 shots mate!! Can't thank you enough Jeff. Gave my putting a fresh start. Any bad putter not willing to try this is stupid!! Cheers mate."

Jack King


Golf Zone Programming


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Finally! Here's The Magic Pill To Help You Enter The Zone Every Single Golf Shot...

One Customer Accidentally Discovered The Secret To Getting In The Zone Every Shot (Hidden In One Of My Products)... And How, Thanks To Him, You Can Do The Same Now Too With This Program

"I tried your golf zone programming technique with a lot of skepticism. Finally got to play a game of golf after 2 weeks of using it. I know it sounds unbelievable but I have never broken 80 in my golfing life (22 years) but I shot 78 first game! The next game I did it again with a 79! That was after another 2 week break and just programming myself. I will keep using this forever and can't wait to play next. Thanks so much for asking me to try this!"

Scott Ballard

Texas, USA