Inside Approach Box Drill

To hit the golf ball as far as possible you MUST approach the ball from the inside.  If you’re cutting across the ball at all with the path of your golf swing then you’ll be costing yourself distance.

So today I have for you a simple drill that you can do that will help you to train yourself to swing from the inside.

To do this drill you need a cardboard box (a shoe box is good for this) and you need to place it about an inch away from where the toe of your club will be (see the picture below).  Then setup to the ball as this golfer is demonstrating…

Once you are setup similar to what is being demonstrated above then you simply have to swing!  And having the box so close to the ball will encourage you to swing down from the inside, which is exactly what you need to do.

If you are swinging over the top (or cutting across the ball) at all then you’ll hit the box and this will give you some great feedback.  You just need to keep practicing until you can miss the box every time.

Inside Approach Drill Task

    • Practice hitting balls with a box just outside the toe of your clubface so you approach the ball powerfully from the inside and the ball is hit first.