Congratulations On Purchasing The Video Critique Service For The Tour Pro Move


Because you have ordered the video critique upgrade to The Tour Pro Move it allows you to send me 3 videos of your swing.  This will most definitely help you to make sure you’re doing this tour pro move properly.

So when you’re ready, send me a video of your swing and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours (weekdays) on how you’re getting on, and what you need to do to improve.  In your first email to get your video critique put this in the subject: “Tour Pro Video Critique #1” and we’ll go from there.

To send me your swing please follow these instructions.


Step 1.

Video yourself hitting at least 5 shots from the face on view with your driver.

And then video yourself hitting at least 5 shots from the down the line view with your driver.

Shoot the videos from a waist height position, and it’s best to do this with a tripod because then there isn’t any movement.  Make sure you are far enough away (or zoomed out enough) to see the entire club while swinging.


Step 2.

Once you have your swing recorded then simply email me the swings: jeff@consistentgolf.com.

After I receive your swing video I will then contact you to let you know that I have received it. Then within 48 hours (week days) of receiving it I will view your swing and give you feedback on what you need to work on and improve. I will email you when this is done.

Now if you do that and don’t hear from me, send me another email to make sure I have received the video, because if it’s a big video it may have not gone through. And if you’re sending a big video file (over 50 mb) you’ll have to use a service so I can get the file. There are free ones so contact me and ask me what they are if you don’t know.

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