Congratulations On Purchasing The 21 Yards In 21 Days Program!

On this page you can download this program and view the videos for the drills that are featured in this system. But please read all instructions CAREFULLY!

Important Note:

You MAY NOT resell, redistribute, share, or give away this program. It is all Copyright Protected. You may print ONE COPY or save to disk and view on your computer. If you have any problems downloading anything… Don’t panic!! Simply email and we will help you.

To Download The 67 Page Program simply right click on the ebook graphic to the left, or right click here and save the file to your computer.

21 Yards in 21 Days Videos:

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7 (Warmup)

Day 7 (Windmills)

Day 7 (Bye-byes)

Day 7 (Wrist Rolls)

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12 (Warmup)

Day 12 (Helicopters)

Day 12 (Empty Bottles)

Day 12 (Wrist Rolls)

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15 (Warmup)

Day 15 (Straight Leg Kicks)

Day 15 (Hip and Groin Flex)

Day 15 (Wrist Rolls)

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18 (Warmup)

Day 18 (Dynamic Hurdles)

Day 18 (Lateral Leg Swings)

Day 18 (Wrist Rolls)

Day 19

Day 20 (Warmup)

Day 20 (Trunk Rotations)

Day 20 (Standing Twist)

Day 20 (Wrist Rolls)

Day 21